Dems Begin to Turn Their Backs on Biden and Nancy

The DINO members dems like to call “centrists” have turned their backs on His Wisdom Joe Biden and his partner in fiscal irresponsibility, Nancy Pelosi. Because the House is forced to deal with the unreasonable demands, the far-left radical wing jumped ship. Since they can’t have their way, the whole deal can go down in flames, the socialists promise.

Dems in disarray

Joe Manchin sits with the dems but he practically called Nancy Pelosi a spendthrift nymphomaniac Wednesday. Declaring that she’s never satisfied, the centrist demanded to know “how much is enough?” Her and her radically socialist cronies have set $5.4 trillion on fire already.

“Respectfully, as I have said for months, I can’t support $3.5 trillion more in spending when we have already spent $5.4 trillion since last March. At some point, all of us, regardless of party must ask the simple question – how much is enough?”


Manchin made it clear that the dems can’t keep spending money they don’t have. The big problem is that nobody is listening. They can’t even fund Social Security or Medicare. That, Manchin insists, “is the definition of fiscal insanity.”

Biden really does want to “spend our way out of bankruptcy.” There are two democrat renegade DINOs standing in the way of the deal. Thanks to Manchin and Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, negotiations have dragged into the weekend and are on the verge of collapse.


Dems want to totally ignore the impact inflation will have on America’s families.

“Proposing a historic expansion of social programs while ignoring the fact we are not in a recession and that millions of jobs remain open will only feed a dysfunction that could weaken our economic recovery. This is the shared reality we all now face, and it is this reality that must shape the future decisions that we, as elected leaders, must make.” With that kind of thinking, liberals will chase you up a tree and set it on fire.

It costs “zero”

Nancy Pelosi was quick to rush to the aid of Imperial Leader Biden after he was silly enough to claim that the dems $3.5 trillion proposal won’t cost Americans a single cent. “It’s not about a dollar amount. The dollar amount, as the president said, is zero. This bill will be paid for,” Pelosi insists.

Paid for by taxes. Then more taxes, fees, increases, and hidden taxes. That’s why the IRS will be monitoring every transaction into and out of your bank account. They need total compliance on the collection end.

Reporters couldn’t wait to grill Imperial Palace Propaganda Minister Jen Psaki over the dems’ hilarious statements. “Do you guys acknowledge the broader truth that it does cost somebody?? Right? The cost of the investments the president wants to make, they’re not simply a free lunch, right? Whether they’re going to cost people who smoke cigarettes, or businesspeople, or companies, or rich people… The cost of what the President wants to do falls on somebody, right?” quizzed one relentlessly.

“There’s a clear difference between what we’re talking about as it relates to taxpayer funds, or funding that would lead to our debt? Right?” Psaki sidestepped.

Thanks to Manchin’s refusal to cave, the dems are discussing the possibility of dropping a couple trillion from their big unilateral pork package. Kyrsten Sinema won’t say what it is that she’s holding out for but the palace kept summoning her to be lectured at by Joe Biden personally all week.

Meanwhile Pramila Jayapal and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are furious that “climate change” and all the other social spending programs are facing a compromise haircut. To them, it’s all or nothing. Bernie Sanders already thought $3.5 Trillion was an insult to his intelligence and he’s walked away from the whole thing in disgust now that it’s going down for good.

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