Fact Check: The GOP is NOT Fretting Behind the Scenes

Politico has joined the chorus of mainstream media outlets attempting to portray the GOP as divided going into the 2022 and 24′ races. While polls continue to show that at the grassroots this couldn’t be further from the truth, and a vast majority of GOP Senators and Members of Congress know it as well.

Certainly there are the RINO’s we know, but the way Politico paints it, President Trump would be looking at a significant number of detractors. In reality they could only get twenty to come forward and speak to them, and only then on condition of anonymity.

Politico wrote,

“some Republicans who supported him consistently during his presidency have mixed opinions about the possibility of a Trump 2024 campaign, according to interviews with 20 Republicans in both the House and Senate.”

… Okay.. so who? We have a word for that in Arizona: Bullshit. Look at these wishy-washy ‘Just Trust Us’  phrases, leaning on a credibility they’ve long since betrayed along with the rest of the mainstream press.

“most of them would sooner retire than attach their names to that opinion.”…”one publicly Trump-praising Republican lawmaker”…

“Multiple Republicans, however, say Trump’s appeal can be replicated by someone without the baggage of two impeachments,”

“He’s one of the best presidents we’ve had in terms of policies. But having said that, if it were up to me, I would never have Trump on any ballot ever again because it’s such a distraction,” said another House GOP member, who also insisted on anonymity to speak candidly. “I would love for him to play a behind-the-scenes role and not be on the ballot.”

All That’s Clear Is The Media Sowing Division in the GOP

About the only person they could name names with was Senator John Cornyn of Texas, who many Republicans will remember refused to object to the Electoral College certification in January and joined Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska in twisting the knife after all was said and done. Even Cornyn was luke-warm in his criticism.

“President Trump did a lot of good. But he squandered a lot of his legacy after what happened after Nov. 3. And I think that’s a shame,” said Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), who was the GOP whip for Trump’s first two years in office. “Running for president, you’re under a lot of scrutiny. And all I can say is there’s a lot to talk about.”

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