He’s Been ACQUITTED… Democrats Are FURIOUS

Democrats have been after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton almost as long as they have been after Trump.

Trump and Paxton also have something else in common now…

They have both been impeached in the House.


Like Trump, Paxton managed to beat the impeachment when it made its way into the Senate.

After the House voted 121-23 to impeach Paxton, with roughly 75 percent of Republicans voting in favor of the impeachment, Paxton won his Senate trial.

The vote on every charge was 16-14 in favor of acquittal, with one abstaining and two Republicans crossing over.

Paxton’s wife is in the Senate, so she was not permitted to vote.

They needed 21 votes to impeach him, so they fell way short.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick reamed the House after it was over.

In part of a speech that lasted about 10 minutes, he stated, “The speaker and his team rammed through the first impeachment of a statewide official in Texas in over 100 years while paying no attention to the precedent that the House set in every other impeachment before.”

The Speaker, by the way, is a Republican.

Source: Texas Tribune

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