DHS FEARFUL of Upcoming Summer Due to…

The Department of Homeland Security has circulated a memo revealing its fears of a violent summer due to the Supreme Court’s vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. Surprisingly, the memo acknowledges the danger of violence from pro-abortion radicals, making this a rare instance of the Biden administration confessing that there may be violence from the left. The admission is, of course, accompanied by assurances that pro-life violence is also expected.

Violent pro-abortion response feared

After the chaos and rioting of 2020, the summer of 2021 was relatively calm and quiet. After that break, the government expects that 2022 could see another surge of political violence.

Abortion is an issue that inspires passion on both sides, and Roe v. Wade has been at the center of these passionate disagreements for decades now.

Now that the overturning of the case has become a matter of when, not if, violence is almost inevitable from those who are determined to keep abortion legal by any means necessary.

Democrats in Congress have vowed to codify Roe v. Wade in federal law or pack the court if they have the chance, but abortion supporters elsewhere are already resorting to more physical strategies.

The office of a pro-life advocacy group was subjected to an arson attack after the Roe v. Wade opinion leaked and even Biden’s DHS  now admits that abortion extremists are expected to strike again.

The conservative justices on the court have faced intimidation attempts from large crowds outside their houses. Police have not forcibly dispersed these protests, so future crowds may feel emboldened and attack the justices themselves.


Left divided on response to SCOTUS

The memo confirms that leftist threats have become so extreme that even the Biden administration cannot ignore them; federal law enforcement agencies are said to be actively investigating threats posted on social media.

Among these threats are calls for rioters to storm the Supreme Court building and murder the justices and their clerks, as well as suggestions that churches and priests may be attacked.

The memo also stresses the leftist claims that the pro-life movement produces domestic terrorism and is motivated by racism, claims that are more fantasy than fact.

These claims do, however, show that the fear of a violent summer spurred by pro-abortion extremists is no right-wing paranoia; this memo was clearly written by liberals who share these fears.

Some Democrats may be afraid that the left will get violent in response to the Supreme Court’s decision, but the  party as a whole continues to encourage their outrage.

The Biden administration has formally condemned protests outside of justice’s homes (protests which are supposed to be illegal) but much of the Democratic Party continues to celebrate these protests.

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