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Her Wedding Dress Is Going Viral For All The WRONG Reasons..

Living as long as I have so far, I have been to tons of weddings.

The funny thing about weddings is that aside from a handful of variants here and there, the line from start to finish on just about all of them tends to take the same exact path every time.

Right down to the vows, right down to the reception.

Personally, I have been to three weddings when I still lived in Michigan where the exact same food was served at three separate weddings in three separate towns. I mean, down to the order the food was positioned in the buffet line.

So, while I am grateful for people who like to make their weddings a little fun, there are some people who take it a little bit too far.

Like the couple I know who were both wrestling fans where the bride and groom each had wrestling entrances instead of the traditional wedding music.

It wasn’t so much the music in the entrances as it was the confetti that shot into the air that bothered me.

Anyway, there was a wedding recently in Australia where the bride and groom definitely defied all normal conventions of what a wedding ceremony was supposed to be like.

Ellie Gonsalves, a social media influencer wore something that is being referred to as a “naked” wedding dress. As you will see from the picture, the dress certainly didn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination.

Hell, even the opportunity to imagine was snatched from anyone who attended the wedding.

Now, I am not the type of person to say that everyone should be wearing loose cloth sacks wherever they go, but weddings seem like something where a little bit of decorum should be exercised.

Then again, if it is your wedding you should be allowed to do whatever you want that isn’t against the law.

That being said, if someone is bringing their kids to a wedding and they have no idea that someone is going to pop out in something they might pop out of, that might be one to just send a really nice card to.

However, like I said earlier, it is their wedding.

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