He Just Exposed the Truth on What’s Really Happening at the Border

The mainstream media absolutely loves avoiding the topic of the southern border. And while the migrant crisis only continues to worsen, the vast majority of the American public is being left in the dark about what’s really happening.

Ben Bergquam of Real America’s Voice has been on the southern border, showing us what is actually happening. His reports are an eye-opener to those who haven’t seen what is really taking place.

Border Patrol resources have been directed away from Lukeville, Arizona towards Tucson, leaving large sections of the Yuma border wide open for illegal immigrants to cross through with ease. When Ben arrived in Yuma, he found blue flags scattered about that show potential migrants where to go in order to be picked up.

There are also water stations in these areas which provide additional incentive for individuals crossing the desert illegally.

What is most concerning is that a military-style installation used by Border Patrol agents was closed down and its resources redirected elsewhere.

This now leaves this section of the border vulnerable to human trafficking and drug smuggling activities by cartels who know exactly how best to take advantage of these areas without detection or fear of repercussion from US authorities.

Ben revealed that due to unguarded areas along the Lukeville and Yuma borders, there is no accurate reporting as to how many people are successfully entering into the United States undetected each day – a national security threat caused directly by Joe Biden’s policies putting America first last.

Recently, the Gateway Pundit reported according to Ben Bergquam that a significant number of Syrians and Pakistanis have crossed into Arizona via these unmonitored routes – presenting an even greater concern regarding terrorism risks associated with unchecked immigration activity along our borders.

Ben made his way back out to Lukeville once again where he said “This is today, and it will be like this tomorrow, and the next day and the next day and this is one point on our border and it’s like this across our entire border.”

One thing is certain: unless something drastic changes soon under President Biden’s watch, we can expect more terrorists infiltrating our nation with little consequence or accountability while drug smugglers run rampant using our borders for their illicit activities unhindered.

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