Breaking: Deadly Explosion

Tragedy has struck a small town in Nebraska as a massive explosion tore apart an ammunition manufacturer’s facility, killing one woman and injuring two others. The incident took place in Wood River on Friday, October 13.

The Hall County Sheriff’s Office and State Fire Marshal are still investigating the cause of this tragedy.

The explosion occurred in a chemical compound building located at Hornady Manufacturing in Wood River, according to KHGI-TV. Hall County Attorney Marty Klein did not reveal the names of those affected by this tragedy but did disclose that the two men who were injured both experienced symptoms related to their injuries; one with a concussion and another from breathing in dust and fumes.

Reports indicate that four local fire departments – Cairo, Wood River, Alda, and Grand Island rural – responded to deal with the aftermath of this incident. The Grand Island Fire Department transported one person away from the scene while Battalion Chief Phil Thomas confirmed that two ambulances had been sent out.

An anecdotal report has suggested increased ammunition sales linked to conflict in the Middle East. Mark Oliva, managing director of public affairs for National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), spoke about this matter on Bearing Arms website saying “This isn’t unprecedented as sales of ammunition – and firearms – increase during times of uncertainty” due to people being vigilant about their personal safety during such times.

Oliva further elaborated on how Hamas terrorist group’s Day of Rage assault on Israel along with verified reports about military-aged males entering US through open southern border have caused many Americans to be wary about their own preparedness when it comes to safety.

He also pointed out that ammo manufacturers are better equipped now than they were during COVID-19 pandemic since companies like Remington Ammunition are fully operational while SIG Sauer recently expanded production capabilities which makes them resilient against any market fluctuations.



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