Governor Hochul DEFEATED on Major Legislation

Hochul and her fellow Democrats took one on the chin for a major gun law.

A federal judge blocked key components of recent legislation for concealed carry.

Not Happening

Since the Dems could not block concealed carry, they tried to outlaw everywhere a gun could be carried.

District Court Judge Glenn Suddaby said the law invoked “unprecedented constitutional violations.”

The state can still block concealed carry owners from carrying their weapons in Times Square, public playgrounds, libraries, nurseries and preschools.

Guns can be carried at mental hospitals, places of worship, public parks, zoos, theaters, conference centers, protests, and bars.

The Gun Owners of America (GOA) were very happy with the decision.

Erich Pratt, GOA senior vice president, stated, “We are excited to see Kathy Hochul finally served a plate of humble pie, and we are fully prepared to continue the fight should she again attempt to disarm the citizens of her state at a time when her party’s policies are only escalating the danger that everyday citizens face.”

New York has now lost two fights regarding the Second Amendment.

Source: Fox News

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