George Soros Replacement Emerges

George Soros Just PAID HIM OFF

Who is the most influential man in politics?

It is not Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, or anyone else that has actually served in office.

Nope… the answer to the question is George Soros.

The Globalist

You better believe there is not a single call made in the Democrat Party without first getting the thumbs up of George Soros.

The man pays hundreds of millions every year for influence in the Democrat Party.

As a matter of fact, he just wrote a few more big checks for Chuckie Schumer to load up Schumer’s Senator Majority PAC to help push Democrats over the finish line.

How did George Soros make his money… well, he wrecked the UK economy, for starters.

He shorted the sterling pound to make his first billion.

He also has several notable hedge funds to accumulate tens of billions more.

Now that he has his money, he wants to wreck the world so everyone needs Georgie.

So, with Democrats well on their way to destroying this country, Soros recently wrote another check for Schumer for $2.5 million, which brings his grand total for just this one PAC to $10 million during the cycle.

Several of Soros’ buddies have also written some big checks, giving Schumer about $73 million in fun money to counter moves made by Republicans.

These people talk about helping the poor, yet they pour hundreds of millions into political campaigns every cycle.

So, you tell me.. are they more interested in helping people or having political leaders in debt to them?

We all know what the answer is.

Source: Fox News

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