Dan Crenshaw

Crenshaw DENOUNCES ‘CRAZY’ GOP Rhetoric

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) really is a tough bird to figure out.

The former Navy SEAL hit the political scene with both feet turning at Mach 5, but he has since had some run-ins.

This will be no different and the perception of his comments could set him back again.

The Crazies

Crenshaw was commenting on these calls to defund the FBI among some Republicans.

I honestly think his sentiment is correct, but, once again, Crenshaw seems to be going the extra mile to distance himself from all things Trump.

Crenshaw, on the idea of defunding the FBI, stated, “Oh yes, it’s crazy.

“It makes us seem like extremist Democrats, right?

“And so Marjorie and AOC can go join the defund the law enforcement club if they want.

“Ninety-nine percent of Republicans are not on that train.”

He later tempered that by stating, “The criticisms that we’re leveling against the FBI and DOJ are fully warranted.

“It is not those criticisms that lead to a crazy person attacking an FBI.”

Obviously, there is a problem with FBI leadership.

But can that be solved by a purge?

Defunding the agency is a stretch simply due to the importance of its work when it is not trying to frame Trump, which is all it seems to be doing as of late.

Sometimes, a relabeling is needed, as I do not think most Americans trust the FBI any longer.

So, no, maybe not defund, but perhaps reorganize and rebrand once we purge the poisonous elements.

Nobody here is asking for special treatment, just a level playing field that truly sees justice as blind.

That is clearly not the case in today’s FBI leadership.

Source: The Hill

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