Conservatives Counter Back, Libs Outraged

Conservatives have debated the efficacy of using “groomer” as a label for liberals who support policies that endanger children, but the impact the term has had on the left has been undeniable. Liberal outrage over the label is widespread and it is clearly being taken as a serious insult, as it is intended to be. Republicans have begun to realize that this subject will be a major campaign issue, and “groomer” is becoming an increasingly mainstream pejorative.

Liberals recoil from “groomer” label

A groomer is essentially the same as a pedophile, but the term technically differs in that it refers to an individual who is particularly manipulative and normalizes the abuse.

At first glance it is easy to see why even some conservatives are shrinking back from describing millions of Americans as something so evil.

Conservatives who have begun to use the term, however, counter that it is really an accurate label for many of the liberals who are currently outraged about it.

The issue largely surrounds Florida’s legislation banning sexual education lessons for students in kindergarten and elementary school; this legislation has already inspired similar efforts in other states.

This should not be a controversial issue in a civilized country, but left-wing politicians and corporations have been thrown into such a rage by the new law that they have effectively vindicated those who claim it is necessary.

For liberals who have decided that their freedom to push young children to become gay or trans is a hill worth dying on, the “groomer” label starts to look quite apt.

Left genuinely bothered by new conservative attacks

It may not be fair, as some have pointed out, to describe everyone who opposes the Florida legislation as a groomer; most are outraged because the mainstream media has told them to be outraged.

Even if unknowingly, however, they are fighting for the right of teachers and staff in public schools to press their chosen sexual identities on unwitting minors.

More importantly, conservative are latching onto “groomer” as an insult because it works. The left has had a visceral reaction to the term and what it implies about their beliefs.

Conservatives often rely on turning leftist insults like “racist” and “fascist” around and sending them back at the left, usually with minimal effect on the targets.

These are labels the left can laugh off because they are wholly convinced that they only apply to the right. “Groomer” may be inspiring such outrage because it is undeniably accurate in at least some respects.

We can expect to hear the word being thrown around more and more as the issue continues to concern conservative voters and elections approach, given that liberals have already shown that it cuts deep.

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