Joe Biden Invokes Hitler in New Ad

Joe Biden’s campaign is feeling the heat in the last minute run up to the November election. He stooped low enough to invoke images of Hitler in his latest ad. That comes on heels of a totally incomprehensible statement he made in front of the camera. It seems that the hearse that’s been dogging the Harris-Biden campaign bus really has him rattled.

Punch drunk Joe Biden takes off his gloves

Joe Biden is tired of being punched around like a punching bag so he took the gloves off for the last round. He shattered an unwritten rule of campaign etiquette by featuring Nazi imagery in a campaign ad video, trying to twist President Donald Trump’s words about “fine people on both sides.” Trump also said there was blame on both sides of the Charlottesville, Virginia, protest conflict controversy but the liberals won’t admit it and the fact checkers give them a free pass.


America has been wondering for a long time what could possibly be going on inside the head of Joe Biden. He didn’t show any apparent brain damage during the presidential debates but just when everyone least expected it, he stuffed his foot in his mouth again. With only days left before the election, Quid Pro Joe dropped his secret weapon, “trunalimunumaprzure.”

Whatever it is, Joe Biden confirmed he plans to “lead an effective strategy to mobilize” it. In all fairness, he was probably trying to say something along the lines of true international pressure, but it certainly didn’t come out that way. He didn’t make the Bernie Bro’s very happy when he stood up for capitalism. If they don’t get the “trunalimunumaprzure” out pretty quick, “capitalism will surely be destroyed!” He’s supposed to be against capitalism.


Soros will slap him around for that

One of the reasons Joe Biden got tongue tied saying “true international pressure” is because as he started to babble it out, he suddenly remembered that George Soros threatened to have him slapped around his basement if his name gets mentioned. All that “international pressure” comes from the Open Societies Foundation.


President Trump is touring like a rock-star, packing stadiums for 14 shows in three days, while Biden manages to attract a small parking lot full of cars. Yet, we’re supposed to believe that he’s way ahead in the polls, all the way up at the margins of error. What the polls really show is that even the liberal pollsters see the race as neck-and-neck.

Don’t bother passing around the images showing the huge crowds of thousands, enthusiastically cheering for Trump compared with Biden’s parking lot parties. The fact checkers have declared under the penalty of Facebook jail that the Harris-Biden crowd size is an intentional part of their strategy “strictly based on safety.”

The latest insult to the Harris-Biden campaign is a hearse that’s been dogging their bus, with a parade of Trump supporting deplorables following along behind. Biden has more Trump supporters following him around than Democrats. Biden Bus One has resorted to running red lights to ditch the following kiss of death, but it hasn’t helped a whole lot.

  1. It just goes to show what a liar Biden is. Hitler killed 6 million jews and probably about 2 million christians, not to mention starting a war where about 85 million people lost their lives. Who did Trump kill? He’s a businessman(not a politician). Where’s the comparison? That’s not comparing apples and oranges. That’s comparing apples and aircraftcarriers. There’s no comparison. The democrats will say anything that fits their narrative. They don’t worry about minor details like the truth. They have no shame.

  2. Pedo Joe won’t be the one sworn in. That is if him and the Ho are cheated to a win. Nutsy has already set up to have him declared unfit so the Ho can take over.

  3. Biden is displaying his Democrat bona fides-Democrats lie where it’s possible and spin the facts to turn a positive into a negative when a lie can’t feasibly be put forth. While Biden is a senile moron, he certainly knows that Trump’s statement about there being “very fine people on both sides” is taken totally out of context. I believe the entire Charlottsville fiasco was a set up-a group of very fine people were protesting peacefully the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee and another group of very fine people showed up to peacefully voice their opinion about why the statue should be removed. Then, all hell broke loose when antifa arrived and a “white supremacist” group also arrived (this is where the set up comes in, because this white supremacist group was led by a man named Jason Kessler and prior to the demonstration in Charlottsville his gig was leading the Occupy Wall Street gang of thugs (Jason was an Obama acolyte, very much on the left until he showed up as a white supremacist in Charlottsville). Trump’s complete statement included a denouncement of neo-Nazis, KKK and white supremacists and if Biden is so far gone mentally that he doesn’t know this, his handlers certainly do. Biden also had to switch from calling Trump a racist to calling him Hitler (since Biden is more racist than almost any American, he couldn’t call Trump a racist, which is the usual go to name used by Democrats against him).

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