An explosive new poll out of Arkansas shows that Republican Primary Candidate for Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders has what is described as an “Insurmountable” lead as described by the Remington Research Group. The results of the poll were decisive and conclusive showing a profound 57 point gap between Sanders and her competition, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. Sarah Huckabee Sanders had 73% of respondents answer they would vote for her, while 16% said they preferred Rutledge and 11% remain undecided.

According to a press release from Remington Research Group,

“The data show that Huckabee Sanders’ popularity bin Arkansas is unmatched. She is viewed favorably by 78% of Republicans statewide”

The survey was conducted from October 25-26 2021 so the data is extremely fresh, the sample size is 800 likely 2022 Primary voters and was weighted to match expected turnout with a =/-3.5% margin for error with a 95% level of confidence in the result.

Republican Only Polling Confirms Insurmountable Lead

The latest poll is in line with a previous Talk Business & Politics-Hendrix College polling in July that showed Huckabee Sanders with a 43.5% Favorability and Rutledge with 31% through the whole electorate. The sample size of this poll was quite a bit smaller at 535 but included Democrats and independents as well. The split was Democrat 26%, Independent 32%, Republican 33%, Other 6%, Don’t know 3%. The two polls suggest that Huckabee Sanders can win the Primary handily, and facing off against the Democrat candidate will need to sway independents, however, it is notable that in the 2020 election, Arkansas independents broke largely for Trump with Biden only getting 34% of the vote.

TB&P wrote,


“These results mostly follow trends we’ve seen before,” said Roby Brock, Talk Business & Politics Editor-in-Chief. “In recent years, statewide and national Democrats have been upside down in their approval ratings,”

Even Dr. Jay Barth, emeritus professor of politics at Hendrix College a Democrat activist had to concede,

“Many of the same patterns that showed themselves in Arkansas’ electorate during the 2020 election cycle continue to show themselves in voting subgroup’s evaluations of President Biden.

“First, the deep partisan polarization that has developed in recent years continues to be reflected; while Biden has the support of 93% of Arkansas Democrats, he is disapproved by 93% of the state’s Republican voters. A slight plurality of the state’s independent voters disapprove of Biden’s performance (46% to 43%)”

According to the most recent comprehensive party affiliation polling from Gallup in 2018, Arkansas holds a commanding Republican majority ranking seventh for strongest Republican results at 48% Republican to 35% Democrat a 13 point difference. To do better than that you have to look at Idaho, Alabama, Alaska, North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

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