The new prime time lineup turned into an epic face plant for Fox News. One reaching nearly the same scale as the Bud Light disaster. Conservative viewers haven’t trusted Faux News since they admitted they aren’t striving to be “fair and balanced” anymore. They’re just another propaganda machine but they use buzz words in their reporting to attract those on the right who still consume news from television. Kicking Tucker Carlson to the curb was a slap in the face to the few viewers the network had left.

Fox News disaster

The click-bait tinfoil hat types over at Gateway Pundit are shredding Fox News for reshuffling their prime time lineup. The big point they’re trying to make is without Tucker Carlson in the studio, they might as well shut down the news desk and air cartoons.

The way they put it, Fox’s decision “belly-flopped hard, swan-diving straight into the ratings abyss.” Smart people, the ones who know how to read – which mostly means “boomers” – get their news from sources like this one. To them, Tucker Carlson was just another talking head anyway.

Viewers are apparently so upset over the decision to fire Carlson that they tuned out in droves. Prime time ratings did a sudden plummet to “record lows, putting it behind MSNBC.” An author who raked up some muck about Carlson, Chadwick Moore, “shared inside information on the mounting panic within the walls of Fox News.

Gateway Pundit couldn’t wait to share that: sources at the network “are telling me that [Monday’s] much-hyped primetime reboot was a ratings disaster. Executives are panicked. Hannity lost to MSNBC’s Maddow, and the 8:00 show only pulled in 149,000 from the key demographic. (Tucker routinely got at least 400k).” How ghastly. Civilization has, indeed, collapsed.

He tapped out another tweet to add that “Fox brass is ‘not happy‘ about last night’s numbers, one source says. And Fox News sock puppet accounts are very upset that the ratings are getting out. This sock puppet must know it’s an internal document because she works at Fox.

Such a sordid scandal can only have one purpose, distracting from the testimony of two IRS whistleblowers that the DOJ blocked from investigating crimes. Crimes committed by Joe Biden and his son Hunter. The IRS investigators, one a gay Democrat, testified that they had proof Joe Biden was personally involved.

An alarming picture

To further distract from the solid news coming from the congressional hearings, you’re supposed to be alarmed that “the final ratings numbers, as revealed by former head writer at Tucker Carlson Tonight, Gregg Re, paint an alarming picture of the once-dominant cable network.

The network hasn’t been dominant since Rupert Murdoch turned it over to his kids. Fox doesn’t have any interest at all in “fair and balanced” journalism, they just want money.

Money that comes from advertising. They won’t make much of it without Tucker Carlson. They won’t give him screen time because he says things that the government censors don’t like.

They’re just going to have to take a hit. Maybe they can trot out the Dylan Mulvaney show sponsored by Bud Light. That way they can attract the more popular LGBTQ+ crowd. Fox can air expose’s like “Which Bathroom Do I Use.

Tucker Carlson doesn’t miss the network nearly as bad as they miss him. he “seems to have landed on his feet after leaving the network.

According to NBC, “Carlson has secured a seven-figure advertising deal with Public Square, a conservative-friendly shopping app, for his show on Twitter.” Fox can shove it.

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