Chances are High Joe Biden Infected Countless People [Video]

Joe Biden has caught the ire of multiple conservative media outlets and figures for his complete disregard for masking and social distancing at an event for Virginia Gubernatorial hopeful Terry McAuliffe. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has called the campaign rally a “super spreader event” and video of it has gone viral nationwide. The footage shows Biden wading maskless into the crowd leaning into very close quarters with countless dozens of people and “breathing all over people” as Carlson noted.

“We can’t get over those live pictures of Joe Biden breathing on strangers, coughing up phlegm and smearing it on people with his hands,” Carlson said.

“That’s the real hacking scandal. It wasn’t the Russians it was Joe Biden’s lungs,” Carlson added. “Repulsive!”

Terry McAuliffe, a former Democrat Governor, is locked in a tight race with Republican Glenn Youngkin. The Democrat has watched his polling lead collapse to a tawdry 7 points with 9% of voters undecided and a margin of error of 4% +/-. McAuliffe and VA Democrats are definitely feeling the squeeze and clinging to Biden’s coattails is a recipe for disaster to court the moderates they need as reported by The GOP Newsfeed.


The Countless Instances of Hypocrisy In The Biden-Harris regime

The instances of hypocrisy from Biden are numerous and profound and conservative Twitter hasn’t disappointed in pointing them out. Caleb Hull pointed to RNC Research footage of Biden coughing in his hand before shaking hands with supporters.

One extremely observant viewer actually spotted and filmed a bit of spittle flying from Biden’s mouth and landing on a woman he spoke to at the McAuliffe event.


It’s pretty damning that the very same people who again and again criticized the Trump administration for holding rallies for the last two years has the tone-deafness to brazenly and blatantly flout the very restrictions that they seek to impose upon the American people in general and our children in their schools in particular, even to the extent of outright threatening Republican Governors who dare to interfere with in-school masking. You have to give them credit, it takes some gumption to try and pull that off, but they’re failing spectacularly and the American people are seeing right through them: the masks are, always have been and always will be about just one thing: CONTROL.

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