Dominance: Trump-Backed Candidates Sweep Primary

Many pundits (particularly on the left) have expressed doubt that the endorsement of President Donald Trump will be as powerful a boon to 2022 Candidates as Republicans have assessed. Any of those doubts on either side of the political fray have been soundly laid to rest in the aftermath of Texas’ 2022 Primary races where all 33 candidates who carried the public support of Trump held near utter dominance of the political space. This impact was seen all the way from Governor Greg Abbott’s primary to even local judicial races at the county level according to Newsweek.

The Primary Dominance Is Real

The only slight exception was in the race for Texas Attorney General, where incumbent Ken Paxton didn’t clear the 50% mark right off the bat but still stomped his closest competitor George P. Bush by about twenty points, as of this writing with 95% reporting.

By the way this Mr. Bush… yes… actually is the next inheritor of the Bush dynasty. Ken Paxton as popular as he is can be forgiven for having a close race with one of the most powerful political families the US has seen in the last century. It’s almost like running against a Kennedy in Massachusetts…

In a triumphant statement, President Trump wrote,

“All 33 Trump-Endorsed candidates won last night in Texas, or are substantially leading. Big night! How will the Fake News make it look bad?”

“Governor Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick have won in a landslide. Thank you, and congratulations to all!”

Throughout Republican majority states, we can expect similar stories to play out across the country, especially in Florida, throughout the south, and the midwest.

Governor Abbott is now cued up to faceoff against Robert Francis O’Rourke, well known for his boast that “Hell yes We are going to take your AR-15”. Across various polls, Abbot enjoys a lead ranging from 7-15 points depending on the sample. RealClear Politics is giving him an aggregate of 8.8+. In 2018 he won with a 13.3+ and in 2014 he utterly dominated the field by a staggering 20+ points. When the old tapes of the would-have-been Gun Czar for Joe Biden who cashed in his 2020 race for a promised role that never came resurface, it’s likely to be over for ‘Beto’. And when primaries like this one happen all over the country, the day of Congressional RINOs are numbered.


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