Disturbed Pedo Sentenced to 700 Years Behind Bars After He…

On Monday, November 20, pedophile Matthew Antonio Zakrzewski was sentenced to 705 years in prison for sexually assaulting 16 boys between the ages of two and 12, in addition to two more years for exposing a child to pornography. This disturbing headline only serves as yet another reminder that predators can be found just about anywhere.

As if the crimes committed against these innocent children weren’t enough, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office noted that many of them were filmed by Zakrzewski – an act which speaks volumes about his depravity. The 34-year-old man had a website called “the original Sitter Buddy” where he advertised his services as a babysitter and mentor to young kids.

He stated on his website that he enjoyed working with children since the 8th grade when he first participated in school’s “Buddy Program” – something no one could have predicted would lead him down such a dark path.

The parents who trusted this predator with their children will bear a lifetime of pain knowing they put their precious youngsters in danger without being aware of it. One mother whose two-year-old son was molested expressed her heartbreak at never being able to meet the child her son could have been had he not been sexually assaulted.

Meanwhile other parents covered their ears and cried as Zakrzewski read out his statement, saying he prided himself on bringing smiles to the kids – but never once apologizing for what he did.

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer gave an accurate summary when describing this case: “This is a case of shattered innocence and precious childhoods that were robbed from 17 little boys…these innocent little boys must bear a lifetime of trauma, and their parents will bear a lifetime of pain knowing that they put their precious children in the arms of an animal because they believed who he said he was. But that was a lie.”

It is undeniably tragic how these children may never know who they were truly meant to be due to this tragedy, yet we must use this opportunity as our wake up call so we can better protect our own families from predators like Zakrzewski hiding amongst us every day.

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