Amazing Rescue from Hamas… MUST SEE

It is amazing what happens in times of crisis.

We all expect our military to step up with heroic tales, but when everyday citizens do it, it is truly something special.

There is a story of an Israeli farmer that is blowing up right now, showing how just one person can truly make a difference.

A True Hero

As most of you know, on the first day of the Israel-Hamas war, Hamas attacked people who were attending a music festival near the Israel-Palestine border.

Reports recently broke of a local farmer in Israel who was able to rescue about 120 people from the concert after Hamas started its attack.

Oz Davidian, who lives in Maslul, made about 20 trips back and forth from the Supernova festival to rescue as many people as he could before Hamas killed them.

It was about 10 miles from the festival to safety, but he kept going back and forth, taking a different route each time.

At one point, he saw a downed IDF soldier and mistook the people standing next to the body as Israelis.

He explained, “I thought, ‘Great, there are paramedics and soldiers,’ and I asked one of them what was happening, and before he answered me, I realized that they might be terrorists.

“I addressed him in Arabic, and asked, ‘Are they dead, are there injured? ’and he answered, and then suddenly I understood that he was a terrorist and he understood that I was a Jew.”

At this point, gunfire erupted as they tried to take him out.

Davidian continued, “By some miracle, none of them hit the car.

“They were spraying everywhere with bullets. You can’t get your head around that level of evil. They shot at everything that moved.”

He also described the horrors he saw that Hamas was doing to women, stating, “One was raping, another was shooting, protecting the former, watching him rape.

“You saw piles of corpses, one on top of the other, as if they’d been together and were just slaughtered and fell on top of one another in the shooting.”

Imagine, it took more than a month for this story to get out… one can only imagine how long it will take for the stories of the true atrocities being committed by Hamas to come out.

Source: New York Post

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