DeSantis Completely Shocked by His SUICIDE…

ICYMI – A major donor to Governor Ron DeSantis is dead.

According to local reports, Kent Stermon, 50, of Jacksonville, was found dead.

Stermon had recently been accused of sexual misconduct.

Under Investigation

Stermon was a major player in the local Florida political scene.

This included supporting Governor DeSantis.

Sheriff T.K. Waters of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Stermon was the subject of an “active investigation” at the time of his death.

Stermon was found dead in a truck parked outside the Atlantic Beach post office around 8 p.m.

Florida politics reporter A.G. Gancarski stated, “You wouldn’t have Ron DeSantis as governor without Kent Stermon.

“He was big with everything … in the state party.”

Former sheriff’s office candidate Lakesha Burton stated, “It was common knowledge to not only myself but to many employees that Mr. Stermon had high-level security access privileges to JSO facilities for years.

“He made his heavy involvement in the inner workings and politics of the agency well known to all ranks.”

This death surely sent a shockwave through the DeSantis camp.

Source. New York Post

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