Obama’s Ex-Girlfriend Comes Forward, Drops Major Bombshell!

Barack Obama is a former US President who was in office from 2009 to 2017.

Recently, David Garrow, a biographer of Obama, made some shocking claims about his romantic relationships and attitudes toward Jews during that period.

Garrow claims that he had been told by Alex McNear, one of Obama’s ex-girlfriends, that Obama wrote her a letter which mentioned having fantasies of having homosexual relations.

He also alleges that she sold the letters to Emory University and redacted part of them before they were given away.

When asked about this particular paragraph in the letter by Garrow, she claimed it was “about homosexuality.”

To learn more about this censored passage, Garrow directed his friend Harvey Klehr to go to the archives at Emory University and copy down the graph where Obama writes about his fantasies.

According to Garrow another former girlfriend of Obama’s named Genevieve Cook kept detailed journals throughout their relationship.

He stated that these journals have lots of information regarding their time together but there is no indication as to when they may be released or if they ever will be released for public viewing.

Garrow also claimed that the former president had exchanged love letters with another girlfriend named Sheila Miyoshi Jager but their exact content has not been made public yet and whether it ever will be made public remains uncertain as well according to him.

He even went so far as suggesting that there may be a chance that Barack could burn them himself before anyone else can see them.

In regards to Barack’s attitudes toward certain issues being highlighted through these disclosed relationships with women such as Genevieve Cook and Sheila Miyoshi Jager, Garrow said he doesn’t believe there is any personal animus towards Jews on behalf of Barack but believes he may have an awareness towards “the problem posed by Jewish group survival”.

So do we really know who Barack really is?

It seems like every new article or interview reveals something entirely different than we thought we knew before which leaves us wondering how much more information about him might still be out there or if it ever will come out into the open for everyone to see?

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