Another Teacher Caught on Cam

Another Teacher Caught on Cam

Another teacher was caught on camera losing their mind over a student who pulled his mask under his nose. The psychopath, who should not be allowed anywhere near children, cussed at the student and threatened to call the police.

The left is losing their last collective brain cell over the issue of masking kids in school. While any sane person knows that people under 18 have an unbelievably small chance of serious complications from COVID, the left doesn’t understand this basic fact. Forcing children and teenagers to wear masks in school not only impedes their still-developing social skills, but can actually have a detrimental effect on breathing.

A teacher from Glenbard North High School in Illinois, who has since been identified as Scott Grigoletto, was captured on video freaking out at a student for pulling his mask down, calling the student a “piece of sh*t.”

The unhinged teacher, who is no doubt a leftist, also threatened to call the police on the boy.

A video of Grigoletto’s meltdown was shared by the wildly popular “Libs of Tik Tok” Twitter account, which has been exposing bad teachers across the country.

The caption within the video read: “My friend had his mask under his nose, and this Karen went crazy. Got up in his face and cussed [sic] at him.”

At the start of the video, Grigoletto threatens to call the police on the teenager. When the student asks if the teacher is serious, he responds: “Yeah, I am serious, man. I have had enough. I knew you were gonna take off your mask the moment I turned the corner.”

It is unclear whether the student actually removed his mask, as the only part of the video where the student is visible shows him with the mask on.

As the teacher begins to walk away, he tells the student to “enjoy” in-school suspension, and calls him a “piece of s**t” before rounding the corner.


Officials from the school have reported that the teacher has since resigned, according to Newsweek.

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