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Pictures from the attack against Israel have, for the most part, been censored.

That changed over the last week or so as Israel has both published some pictures and allowed the media to see more footage of what took place during the initial terror attack.

Fox News’ Martha McCallum was able to see some of these pictures, and she was clearly shaken by them.


McCallum tried to describe what she saw when she was on the air, and I am surprised she made it through the segment.

She stated, “Everyone has seen some of these images online. But the unfiltered video is absolutely … it’s so horrific, it’s hard to put into words, and we’ve had our reporters, Trey Yingst and and Mike Tobin, have also watched it and had a similar feeling.

“But, you know, there is obviously so much blood, so many charred bodies, it’s very difficult, obviously, to watch this.”

The video she saw has not been made public, but that is the very reason that Israel will refuse a cease-fire and refuse to stop this war until Hamas is eliminated.

They have literally cut babies out of the womb of a pregnant woman, stabbed the fetus in front of the mother, then murdered her in front of her family.

They are terrorists, not soldiers, and they must be ended.

Source: Daily Caller

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