North Portland

Democrat City OVERRUN… Everyone is LEAVING

There was a time when North Portland was considered a very desirable middle-class neighborhood.

It was clean, homes were nice, and the neighbors were in a place where they felt they could leave their doors open and not have to worry about their car being stolen or someone peeing on their lawn.

Those days are gone, thanks to yet another Democrat mayor, and many people are leaving.

Homeless Taking Over

It seems like we have a bit of a pissing match between state and local government over whom is responsible for cleaning up this mess.

The mayor says it is on the state, and the state says it is on the mayor.

In the meantime, what used to be a great middle-class American neighborhood is turning into a third-world country.

With homelessness comes crime, mental health issues, and unsanitary conditions.

It is chasing people out…

The sad reality of this all is that the people that are leaving are going to be taking huge losses because of how their elected officials have let them down.

But, again… they keep electing them to office, so they lose the right to complain.

They had a chance to oust Wheeler in 2020 but they reelected him.

So, once again… do I feel sorry for the people of Portland? Not a single iota.

You knew what you had and you put him back into office because you refuse to give a Republican or an Independent a chance.

You are getting exactly what you deserve.

Source: Fox News

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