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Fox News Directly Implicated in Scandal

According to The New Yorker, Fox News quietly paid around $4 million to a woman who had accused a former network host of sexual harassment.

Kimberly Guilfoyle is the former co-host of ‘The Five’, and is currently dating Donald Trump Jr. Guilfoyle also serves as President Trump’s campaign finance chair. She has also been accused of sexual harassment and other inappropriate actions.

According to The New Yorker, one of Guilfoyle’s female assistants at Fox News sent a 42 page confidential draft complaint to company executives in 2018, which accused Guilfoyle of repeated sexual harassment.

The New Yorker article also reveals that Fox News paid an undisclosed sum to the woman, who no longer works for the news channel. The author of the article alleges that the payment was around $4 million, settling out of court.

Guilfoyle was reportedly forced out mid-contract at Fox News.

The New Yorker article corroborates past reporting that Guilfoyle did not leave the network voluntarily, and gives credence to sources which said that she was let go following an internal investigation into allegations of inappropriate conduct.

Six anonymous sources have come forward alleging that Guilfoyle would show personal lewd pictures of men, with whom she had sexual relations, to colleagues. They have also claimed that she regularly discussed sexual matters at work, and was emotionally abusive toward support staff.

Also mentioned in the report are allegations that the assistant was required to work at Guilfoyle’s New York apartment while Guilfoyle walked around naked, was forced to listen to her speak about her sex life constantly, was ordered to give the Fox News host thigh massages, and was told to ‘submit’ to a Fox employee’s sexual demands.

The New Yorker requested to interview Guilfoyle, but she declined. She told the news outlet that she has “never engaged in any workplace misconduct of any kind”.

  1. Who cares … everyone knows that your a delusional democrat news station and say anything to make trump look bad while you won’t post one word about old Joe’s perverted ways . Or his corruption with his son and turkey neck Nancys son . so don’t try calling the kettle black when your dirty yourself

  2. “Six anonymous sources…”

    We know there is a concerted campaign to turn Fox News left and attack its conservative hosts. I’m afraid “six anonymos sources” doesn’t cut it in today’s accusation rich environment, regardless of any settlements paid out. Although anything is possible with the human animal, the stories presented here sound unlikely and made up, or at best (worst?) gross exaggerations of events that overwhelm any truth in them.

  3. I’d sure as hell like to give her some thigh massages! Hell of a nice body and a very intelligent woman. She is very sexy woman And has great legs with thighs that really need licking lol! I don’t care if she did this because the woman could have walked out if she was naked. She didn’t have to stay. BS! All u have to do is speak up! I think this stinks of leftist crap. Hey, if not then what’s the difference if Fox did it? The other progressive tv outlets did the same! They are all wrong if they let it go on. And just because you pay doesn’t mean your guilty. It’s just costs less than a court case and no bad publicity. Have to wait and see if it is real or not. The progressives hate Fox News so I wouldn’t jump to conclusions that she is guilty. The only thing she’s guilty of is having fabulous thighs.

  4. she is not a nice person, a snob… I read something a guy said that lived in cali when she was gavins newsom’s wife and he said she was a total bitch rather than being nice.. I hate that she thinks she’s all that and flaunts herself and makes me sick how don jr and her fawn over each other when they are doing joint interviews. seriously I am not a prude but there is a time and place.

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