Couple Breaks the Internet After Revealing Their Bizarre Bedroom Habit

When one woman decided to share her and her husband’s bizarre bedroom habit on TikTok the last thing she expected is that her video would go viral and cause a huge online debate. But you’ll have to decide for yourself: does that really seem that unusual?

Angelina Murphy, a Los Angeles-based TikToker with the handle @renovatingourhome posted a video revealing that she and her husband switch which side of the bed they sleep on regularly, and it caused an uproar among her viewers.

People were shocked that this couple was sleeping on both sides of the bed without prior discussion. The video racked up more than 1 million views, with many people condemning their habits as crazy – but is it really that bad?


Okay I really need to know if we are alone in this— do you randomly pick which side of the bed you are going to sleep on or do you sleep on the same side every single night? #bedroom #sleeptok

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Murphy explained in her video how she slept on one side for a night before moving to the other side for several nights afterwards, often being met with disapproval from others when she mentioned her habit.

But while it may seem strange to some, there is actually research backing up this trend – according to recent surveys, annoying nighttime habits such as constant alarm sounds and loud snoring have led to couples getting ‘sleep divorce’ where spouses sleep in separate rooms.

This could be due to different working hours or simply due to personal preference of sleeping alone; either way, more and more couples are taking this option seriously.

Despite society’s general disapproval towards switching sides of the bed each night, there are actually benefits associated with doing so.

For example, by sleeping on different sides you can avoid getting used to one position which can lead your body into certain aches and pains over time; instead opting for a fresh position every night can help alleviate them altogether.

Also having two different perspectives each night helps keep things interesting – after all variety is said to be the spice of life.

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