Bill O’Reilly Drops Bomb-Shell On Role He Played In Trump Administration

Bill O’Reilly recently revealed that he played an essential role in the immigration and economic deal Donald Trump made with Mexico. During an interview with Tucker Carlson, O’Reilly shared that Trump had cut down migration across the border by 80% due to a successful negotiation between himself and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

O’Reilly told Tucker that he had never before spoken of his involvement in the deal but divulged details of how it came about. He said that Trump knew of his interest in border control since they were friends. So, when O’Reilly published his book “Killing The Killers” detailing how Obama and Trump assassinated jihadists, he called him for comic relief and advice.

“Let me tell you something interesting. I never call Donald Trump, but he was a friend of mine,” O’Reilly explained. “But I never call him. But he calls me occasionally when he wants some comic relief. And he knows that the border thing is big with me. He knows. And the cartels are super big.”

“So, I wrote a book called ‘Killing the Killers,'” O’Reilly continued. “In the book, we chronicle how Obama and Trump assassinated the worst jihadists on the planet. We take it step, step, by step. And the reason they’re allowed to do that is because they declared the Revolutionary Guard of Iran a terrorist group. So, they whacked Soleimani, the head of it.”

“So, Trump gets wind of the book — I don’t know if he read it or not — and we’re talking about it; I said, why don’t you do that with the cartels? Just designate them terror groups. They’re killing more Americans than these jihadists ever killed,” O’Reilly added.

The former Fox News host suggested to President Trump to designate cartels as terrorist groups and take action against them accordingly. According to O’Reilly, Mexican President Lopez opposed this idea. Trump made a deal with him instead: putting the Mexican army on both Guatemala and the US borders while giving trade preferences that would help the US economy.

This story shows why Donald Trump was seen as an effective president; through such deals, he achieved positive outcomes for both countries involved without compromising his beliefs or values. Bill O’Reilly’s account is a testament to this fact as it highlights just one example of many successes from his office.

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