Woman Makes Rapist Regret Entering Her Home

When this South Carolina woman awoke to answer a knock at her door, the last thing she expected would happen was this absolute living nightmare. However, she exacted karma on her would-be attacker, leaving him with a “memento” to always remember her by.

This is a story of courage and resilience, of hope in the face of darkness. On Friday morning, 33-year-old Paige Duvall heard a knock at her door around 6:30 a.m. She looked outside but didn’t see anyone.

When the knocking came again a few minutes later, she opened the door to find 16-year-old Antoine Miller standing there with a knife in his hand. He forced his way inside and proceeded to beat her while screaming at her to “stop fighting” and “I won’t hurt you.”

The intruder then asked where the bedroom was located, picked up Paige, placed her over his shoulder, and took her through the house to the bedroom.

However, he had chosen the wrong victim; when Miller tried to undress Paige she kicked him hard in the groin before he declared that now she must die. His attempt at killing was by forcing his tongue into her mouth – only for Paige to bite it as hard as she could until it snapped off.

At this point Miller recoiled in pain and screamed as he got off Paige who then ran out of the house leaving behind most of Miller’s tongue on the kitchen floor.

Paige escaped from what could have been an even worse ordeal due to quick thinking and bravery in such difficult circumstances. The police found Miller at a local Waffle House after his mother called 911 for medical assistance due to his injury – they also managed to retrieve his severed tongue which was put in a bag of ice before being taken away by ambulance for treatment.

Meanwhile, Paige received support from both friends and strangers alike throughout this ordeal – people came forward offering their help with painting her home or making it safer – something which she felt overwhelmed by given that she thought she would be dealing with this situation alone initially.

Thanks largely due to an incredible act of self defense – Paige emerged from this incident safe and sound along with newfound strength borne from within herself.

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