Chair of the Federal Election Commission Drops Bombshell Announcement

The Chairman of the Federal Election Commission went on record with one of what us media types like to call a “bombshell” announcement.

It this case, it really is explosive. The top boss of all the election officials, Trey Trainor, confirms that in his professional opinion, this election is “illegitimate.”

Fraud announcement from FEC

Trey Trainor who serves as chairman for the Federal Election Commission is personally convinced that, from what he’s seen in Pennsylvania, and reports he’s been getting from elsewhere in the country, this election is illegitimate.

He dropped a bombshell on the liberal network news media during an appearance at Newsmax when he made the announcement that he believes “that there is voter fraud taking place in these places.”

A full six days after the election, some states are still counting ballots, that isn’t normal. There are a whole lot of questions about where all those last minute illegitimate “bastard” ballots came from.

In Michigan, it looks like even the United States Postal Service was in on the scheme to rig the election in favor of Democrats. Trainor’s announcement is high octane jet fuel for this fire.

There is no legitimate reason at all for observers to be denied access to the ballot counting. Ipso facto, the ballot counting must be “illegitimate. That announcement isn’t coming from just anyone. Trey Trainor isn’t just a state election official, he’s a federal one.

And on top of that, he’s the leader of the whole commission. Unlike the media hacks who have called the race already, he knows a thing or two about election validity.

Defying a court order

Democrats are so sure of themselves that they have blatantly been defying a court order. In Pennsylvania, there are nearly 5 dozen reports of “irregularity” in the counting process and a whole herd of official election observers who weren’t allowed to observe a single thing.

That indicates fraud and it highlights it in a big way. According to the FEC chair’s announcement, poll watchers were ordered to be allowed within 6 feet but they weren’t. That, by itself, is both a crime and an indication of serious fraud.

As the official put it in his announcement to Newsmax, “Despite winning a court order which allows the Trump campaign to send observers to watch ballot counting in Pennsylvania from six feet away ballot watchers ‘have not been allowed into the polling locations in a meaningful way.'” He points out that “when observers have been permitted to watch, the goalpost has been moved away.” Simply put, “there has not been transparency in the election.”

“Our whole political system is based upon transparency to avoid the appearance of corruption,” Trainor insists. “State law allows those observers to be in there. If the law isn’t being followed then this election is ‘illegitimate.'” The trump campaign held a press conference on Saturday to make an announcement of their own.

They declared they will go to war over this in the courts. Trainor is behind them all the way. What Team Trump is claiming are “very valid allegations,” he agrees, which need to be “fully vetted” by the court system. He predicts that the charges are serious enough to “end up in the Supreme Court.”

  1. If fraud can be proven in just ONE State, you know there is rampant fraud in all States. Liberals really thought they had this election “in the bag”. What this election will uncover is how devious Democrats have become. They will be revealed as liars, cheats, manipulators, and deceivers. We all knew this but NOW IT WILL BE PROVEN WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT.

    I hope this totally destroys that Godless Party of Evil.

    1. Voter Fraud, like bedbugs, for everyone you see there are a thousand hidden from sight. You only know about it IF you see it, or it bites you and the butt. That goes for any voter fraud: #Rinos and #KKKDemocrats!

  2. I have never been more disgusted with our government more than it is right now. The country is allowing a fraudulent election process, to determine the president of the United States. This isn’t what I signed up for during the Vietnam Conflict and went into the military to defend my country. We knew the truth then most of the time because the media wasn’t bought and paid for by a political party. They used to stand on principle of telling the news the way it happened. They did double checks to make sure the information was reliable. That isn’t happening today and the government has done nothing to correct the problem. Back in the fifties and sixties these media hacks would be in jail for what they are doing today, without any recourse.

  3. Could there be collusion with the mail carriers that endorsed Biden? Would Democrats ever lie to America? I for one am shocked! Shocked, I tell you.

    1. Dems in the US have gone bizack… And their cronies here in Kenya are closely following, to do even worse, with no qualms at all. Biden has to fall for the sake of the world, not just, our dear, U.S. OF AMERICA.

  4. Mr. Trainor and I agree on at least one thing-this election was illegitimate. There are just too damned many anomalies and every one helpful to Biden for my liking. I was taught that in politics there are no coincidences, so I won’t buy the idea that these were purely mistakes-if every error assists one candidate, cheating is going on. We now know the election was illegitimate-what we still need to know it what is the redress. It has to be much more than saying bad boy, don’t ever do this again. There needs to be actual punishment-like maybe awarding electoral votes to Trump instead of the voter thief.

  5. All votes in all the states should be recounted and compiled in a computer without hammer loaded. Those states without a paper record quickly sequester the voting machines and have the software examined. Trump should have a vote count of nearly ten for him to one for Biden.

    Just one state doing this and finding Trump at 80% to Biden at 20% would prove they used software to steal the election.

  6. Who actually can call the election. There is so much irregularity in this election, it makes you a sick . this should be automatic disqualification.

  7. Trey Trainor is a Trump stooge, appointed to the FEC on May 19, 2020. The FEC one again lacks a quorum. Consequently, Trainor’s statement is the pronouncement of one man, not a determination made by the Federal Election Commission.

    1. America’s two parties foundation structured the sentiment of fight for your party with whatever it takes, instead of for the Nation. Within their struggle to be the top dog, “Impartiality” went out the window. People asked what’s the reason for the astronomical amount of money needed in the presidential campaigns? BUY PEOPLE.

  8. America’s two parties foundation structured the sentiment of fight for your party with whatever it takes, instead of for the Nation. Within their struggle to be the top dog, “Impartiality” went out the window. People asked what’s the reason for the astronomical amount of money needed in the presidential campaigns? BUY PEOPLE.

  9. Ban the Demorats party, leftist party, etc….permanently for all their illegal votings system, dishonest activities, freedom killing, only for them not for us, slave drivers, etc…words beyond the normal realm….
    The purge has begun?

  10. Why would Trey risk his reputation and career – for this? Needs investigation? but what organization can you trust with something this Big? FBI?

  11. There are so many discrepancies in this election that the results should be thrown out in those states that stopped counting, then started again with Biden then winning. Many people have signed affidavits to the irregularities, and these are punishable by law. States that are using the Dominion voting machines with the Smartmatic software can be manipulated. They should be discarded and paper ballots used to record the votes. We want our elections to be fair, not manipulated by the Democrats. They tried for four years to get rid of President Trump and they did not succeed. So this sounds like something they would do. Many people on Trump’s side are gathering evidence of fraud, and I suspect it will end up in the Supreme Court.

  12. President Trump will get four more years after the Supreme Court get there hands on this and the people that done all of this to our Country Will be put away,,, Jail time for a lot of these illegal voting’s system, dishonest activities, these people have done to the America People.. God Bless our President Trump and All of the Great people that are still true Patriots in our country of the United States of America.

  13. You mean that when the number o votes cast in an area that are grater than the number of registered voters for that area it is “suspicious”?

  14. Trump in court…Trump lawyers in court….Trump wins 1 and Trump loses 26…. Trump is 1 for 27 in court appeals , with every case either thrown out, or ruled against . Nothing for the Supreme Court to hear when there is no case to overturn. Seriously bad losers …what are you guys going to do when he gets on the helicopter and flies away? I seriously wonder.

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