Famed Theologian Points to ‘Demonic Ideology’ Behind BLM

The Black Lives Matter movement is finally being consistently outed for its demonic ideology and a well-known theologian has spoken out against them.

American Theologian Gives Insight Into BLM

Dr. Voddie T. Bauchman, who just happens to be black, didn’t hold back when he described BLM’s teachings of critical race theory as a “demonic ideology.”

Bauchman is an American dean who lives in Zambia had an interview with the Daily Wire talked about his experience when it comes to the culture of the two countries. He explained that when he comes back to America he is shocked by the constantly changing atmosphere of the divided country.


“I’ve come back three or four times a year for speaking tours, and it’s always interesting to be an American expat looking back at the U.S.,” Baucham said.

Spiritual Battle Against Demonic Ideologies

Christians believe that there is more going on than what the eye can see but instead there is a spiritual side that plays a part in the destruction that is being seen in the United States. Bauchman points to demonic influence and a spiritual war happening in terms of critical race theory and its growing influence in the US.

He delves into this in detail in his latest book, “Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism’s Looming Catastrophe.”

“I think that’s one of the reasons that I just became so keenly aware and so passionate about writing this book, because it was really noticeable to me that things were shifting quickly and deteriorating quickly,” he told the Daily Wire. “And I’m watching families be divided, churches be divided, institutions and schools and denominations be divided over this thing. Being an expat coming back and seeing that, it was just alarming to me.”

Perspective Changes

When Bauchman became a Christian he says that he was able to have a spiritual discernment into critical race theory and other damaging ideologies that are used as political weapons to attack faith and truth.

Bauchman gives an interesting insight into the potentially demonic undertones of BLM, critical race theory and Marxist ideologies.

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