Gross: Video of Nancy Mace Emerges and Its DISGUSTING

Gross: Video of Nancy Mace Emerges and Its DISGUSTING

As RINO Rep. Nancy Mace is already caught in a scandal for lying to the American people, a video of her participating in a disgusting drinking game at a party has been unearthed.

Flip-Flopping Scandal

Congresswoman Nancy Mace, who represents South Carolina, was caught speaking very differently about COVID depending on which mainstream news network she was on.

During a Fox News interview, Rep. Mace discussed the benefits of natural immunity rather than vaccination. On the same day, she appeared on CNN. This time, she said that she was a supporter of vaccinations, and discussed the dangers of getting COVID.

Former Navy Intel Officer and current Senior Editor of Human Events Jack Posobiec shared a video compilation of Mace’s statements on the two networks, referring to the congresswoman as “Two-Faced Mace!”

Of course, as a RINO (Republican In Name Only), it’s obvious that she is just going to say whatever it takes to get her into office, and whatever it takes to ensure that she stays a member of the establishment elite.

GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, a “political outsider” who has taken on the establishment RINOs, has been calling out Nancy Mace over her lies.

Rep. Greene shared a tweet about Mace’s flip-flopping, writing: “Everything wrong with @NancyMace. She lies. She flips and flops depending on who she is talking to.”

Disturbing Video

Soon after the news of Mace’s lies broke, another, more disturbing video began making the rounds on Twitter, showing the congresswoman participating in a disgusting drinking game.

The game appears to involve taking a shot and spitting it into someone else’s mouth, who then spits it into another person’s mouth, and so on.

Nancy Mace is the first woman in the video, and the rest of the participants are unknown. Two of them end up throwing up near the end of the video.

Watch (Warning — disturbing content):

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