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Breaking: Secret Service Called In for Trump

Believe it or not, Minority Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is looking out for Trump during the Republican National Convention.

We know there will be protests by pro-Palestine groups at the convention.

For that reason, and since some of these protests have gotten violent, McConnell is now calling on the Secret Service to take action to make the area more secure.

Extend the Perimeter

McConnell is hoping that the Secret Service will extend the protected perimeter around the events to ensure that there are no problems with these protests.

In a letter sent to Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle, McConnell stated, “I am deeply concerned about reports that the security perimeter around the Republican Convention site in Milwaukee may be creating a likely — and preventable — area of conflict between protesters and convention attendees and delegates.

“As you know, this year has been a very challenging one for protests in the United States. We must all take seriously that tensions are high and do our best to balance the right to express dissent while also keeping Convention attendees as safe as possible.”

As long as this war between Israel and Hamas is taking place, these extremist protests are going to be a concern.

We have seen in the past what happens when these groups get riled up and have outside instigators coming in to create problems.

I would bet dollars to donuts that George Soros’ organizations are already working with groups to bus people into the RNC to create problems for Trump and Republicans.

Anyone who thinks that the Soros network would not stoop to such levels is just being naïve.

The good news on this front is that Democrats are going to have the same problems, and while these protests will not impact Trump at polls, they are surely going to impact Joe Biden, possibly costing him just enough that he loses to Trump in November.

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