Breaking: Rittenhouse Prosecutors Lied About A Key Witness

In the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, he’s become known as “Jump kick man”, an individual who is the subject of the second count against the 18 year old for “First-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, Use of a Dangerous Weapon”, after he booted Kyle in the face with a running start, spinning him 180 degrees and Rittenhouse fired two- shots missing him. This person fled into the night and was reportedly never heard from again with Kenosha Prosecutor Thomas Binger calling him an “unknown individual” to the court: “An individual who is the subject of count number two, the unknown individual.” However, there’s one very large problem with that… according to reports from The Post Millennial and “The Dan O’Donnell Show” this man wasn’t unknown at all, and he did indeed come forward all the way back in June 2021… but the Prosecutors turned him away and then lied about him in open court claiming he was “unknown”.

 “Sources indicate that he contacted prosecutors and offered to testify, but in exchange requested immunity from an ongoing drunk driving and domestic abuse case with which he was charged in June. Prosecutors declined his offer and chose not to call him as a witness in the Rittenhouse case.”

Who Is The Third Rittenhouse Attacker: “Jumpkick Man”?

Rittenhouse’s first attacker of the evening was Joseph Rosenbaum, who chased him down, cornered him, and lunged for his weapon at “Car Source 2” according to testimony and video, Kyle fired on him four times in defense, killing him. His second attacker is an unknown person who struck him on the head with a closed fist or rock according to defense testimony as he fled down the street. Rittenhouse’s third attacker was the so-called “Jump kick man”. Whose identity according to sources was deliberately withheld from the court by the Kenosha County District Attorney’s Office.

The original source 1130 WISN’s The Dan O’Connell Show revealed to the world after Jury deliberations began that


“Jump Kick Man is a 40-year-old Black male from Kenosha with an extensive criminal record who was at the time of the Rittenhouse shootings on probation following a conviction for domestic violence battery.”



“He faced a maximum sentence of nine months in jail, but less than two months before he kicked Rittenhouse, he accepted a plea deal that netted him 12 months’ probation. The following year, he violated the terms of his probation and was sentenced to seven months in jail.”

Many sources are pointing to the fact that this man, as a repeat offender who was at the time on parole in connection to three separate crimes should have been in prison for the long history of criminal activity he has and that this could’ve prevented the second incident, the death of Huber and injury of Grosskreutz. O’Donnell himself saying:

“At this point, Jump Kick Man had been sentenced to probation in three different cases and violated the terms of that probation every single time. Still, a judge last June sentenced him to probation yet again…and yet again he violated the terms of that probation earlier this year.”
“He likely should have been in jail, though, and was not only because he received yet another break from the Kenosha County criminal justice system. In a very real sense, this break may have indirectly led to the death of Anthony Huber and shooting of Gaige Grosskreutz,” he added.
However true this might be, it is still very badly missing the point. It was mentioned repeatedly by the prosecution that this “individual” was “unknown” and “never came forward”. Based on the reporting of Dan O’Donnell, this appears to have been a massive lie from the prosecution who had this man’s identity and an offer of testimony which they refused.
Since the prosecution didn’t reveal this man’s identity, to the court and to the defense, Rittenhouse’s legal team never had an opportunity to call him to the stand as a material witness to give potentially exculpatory evidence. This is especially egregious given that a key note in the prosecution’s case against Rittenhouse is that the kick delivered by this man either didn’t connect or was so minor as to not present a risk of grievous bodily harm. This man could’ve testified to the details of his attack on Rittenhouse and settled that question entirely. At a minimum, this would seem to be serious prosecutorial misconduct and possible grounds for a mistrial with prejudice.

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