Breaking: White House on High Alert, Issues State of Emergency

Breaking News: He’s Been REMOVED from White House

It would appear that the latest reports of yet another Commander biting incident were the last straw.

Commander has been sent away from the White House.

After 11 bites, and reports of another staffer being bitten by the First Pooch, the Bidens have finally realized that the White House is not the place for an untrained dog.

Not the Dog

This is all about training, period, and the dog is not to blame here.

The White Houe is a very busy environment, and significant training would be required for the dog to be able to be safely in that environment.

Clearly, the Bidens never put the time in, nor did they find a trainer who could do an adequate job.

Elizabeth Alexander, communications director for the First Lady Jill Biden, stated, “The President and First Lady care deeply about the safety of those who work at the White House and those who protect them every day.

“They remain grateful for the patience and support of the U.S. Secret Service and all involved, as they continue to work through solutions.

“Commander is not presently on the White House campus while next steps are evaluated.”

I saw a lot of people call for the dog to be put down, but I was hoping that would not be the case.

Shepherds are very protective animals, and if Commander was not trained properly, the dog was not set up for success.

Hopefully, the dog finds a home with people who will actually love him and treat him right compared to Joe and Jill who have pets for appearances sake only.

Source: Fox News

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