Bill Filed, Secession on Horizon

Is secession is on the horizon? Yes. Texas State Representative Kyle Biedermann has filed Texas HB1359, the Texas Independence Referendum Act. Biedermann announced that the circulation of a petition for the bill, first announced in December reached 12,000 signatures this week and the bill has been filed. He’s hoping to reach 20,000 signatures soon.

Events since the massive irregularities and allegations of fraud on  Election day 2020 have cascaded leading to this point. These events culminated in the Capitol breach of January 6th, the failure of Congress to object to the Electoral College votes and the Supreme Court’s controversial dismissal of Texas v. Georgia, Washington, Minnesota and Pennsylvania due to lack of “standing”.  Many view this initiative as Texas’ final recourse, as every other legal avenue to petition the federal government for redress of the Texan peoples’ grievances have failed or been ignored.

#TEXIT Referendum NOT a Repeat of 1861

In December Biedermann explained that his referendum doesn’t hearken to the secession of Texas to the Confederacy in 1861 but is more akin to #Brexit. Furthermore, this is not a “Secession Bill” but a referendum calling for all Texans to vote on the state’s status and vision for the future.

“First of all, this doesn’t mean that Texas will leave the union if this bill is passed. This is a referendum for the people of Texas to be able to make their voices heard, that whether they do or do not want to assert their authority to become a nation.”

“And if that happens, if this passes, then the next step will happen. So it’s a step by step, very similar to what happened in Great Britain. When they had the people vote for Brexit, and then it took many years after that for the government to be able to work things out with the European Union. So it would be the same thing here with this bill.”

Biden’s Attacks on Immigration Enforcement Add Fuel To Calls For Secession

The Biden/Harris regime has only aggravated the people who might have been lukewarm on the issue of #Texit through his brazen 100-Day Moratorium on deportation which directly impacts Texas. Add to that the announced discontinuation of border-wall construction along the Rio Grande tract and the unknown fate of the 452 miles already completed. Attorney General Ken Paxton has won injunctive relief for now 4 weeks preventing the deportation stoppage on the grounds that the federal government signed an agreement with Austin to take no such action without providing Texas authorities 180 days notice. This is nearly akin to a breach of treaty if the states and the federal government are indeed co-sovereign as our founders intended.

Everyday, Biden appointees announce new policies and executive orders which are not simply disagreeable to Texas but some which are downright hostile to their way of life, culture and economy. Under this type of coordinated assaults’ on everything they hold dear, what are Texans, indeed what are conservatives all over the nation to do?

“The people are fired up right now about having their voice being heard and feeling like they’re being left out for many, many years. And the things that are happening in the Federal Government, whether it be our 1st Amendment rights, our 2nd Amendment rights, the budget, the debt going out of sight. And the fact that we might even be looking at Texas being singled out about our oil and gas industry, we just can’t afford to stay silent.”

As #Brexit was laughed off seven years ago and it’s chief architect Nigel Farage lampooned, it is quite likely to be with #Texit and Biedermann, however, this is a moment of true inception, the idea is now in the public and picking up steam. The genie cannot be put back into the bottle and #Texit while likely not immediate is most likely now inevitable.

As it is written in Article 1 Section 2 of the Texas Constitution: “All political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their benefit. The faith of the people of Texas stands pledged to the preservation of a republican form of government, and, subject to this limitation only, they have at all times the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think expedient.

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