Biden Regime THREATENS Texas

Joe Biden’s hostile regime threatened Texas that they will take “immediate action if needed” to impose their corrupted view that children should be subjected to transgender surgery procedures that they cannot possibly give informed consent for.

Both the White House and Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra released statements Wednesday night condemning Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX)‘s instructions to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to place the parents of children that have been permanently maimed by “so-called ‘sex change’ procedures.” under investigation for abuse.

A word of warning: the ‘woke’ Democrat-Socialist regime’s statements regarding the efforts they falsely characterize as ‘protecting’ children from the Texas government working desperately to stop the abuse are extremely disturbing.

“This is government overreach at its worst,” Biden said in a statement. “Like so many anti-transgender attacks proliferating in states across the country, the Governor’s actions callously threaten to harm children and their families just to score political points.

“These actions are terrifying many families in Texas and beyond,” he added. “And they must stop.”

Becerra promised that HHS is “committed to protecting young Americans who are targeted because of their sexual orientation or gender identity” and said that he has directed HHS to “evaluate the tools at our disposal to protect trans and gender diverse youth in Texas.”

Using the expression “gender-affirming medical care,” a euphemism that activists and liberal media make use of to describe the brutal, permanently maiming ‘sex-change surgery ‘or ‘gender transition surgery’, Becerra guaranteed that “HHS will take immediate action if needed to “protect” transgender youth. He went on to mischaracterize the prosecution of child-abusers as “attacks” against “supportive families” in incredibly disturbing fashion.

“I know that many youth and their supportive families are feeling scared and isolated because of these attacks,” he obtusely said. “HHS is closely monitoring the situation in Texas, and will use every tool at our disposal to keep Texans safe.”

Governor Abbott had already warned Biden’s agents that “it is already against the law to subject Texas children to a wide variety of elective procedures for gender transitioning, including reassignment surgeries that can cause sterilization, mastectomies, removals of otherwise healthy body parts, and administration of puberty-blocking drugs or supraphysiologic doses of testosterone or estrogen.”

Abbott also warned that Texas regulation requires all accredited professionals with direct contact with youngsters “who may be subject to such abuse” to report such abuse, noting that “there are similar reporting requirements and criminal penalties for members of the general public.”

The efforts of Biden’s HHS Secretary to demonize Texans fighting to keep their children safe continued and became more disturbingly detached from reality.

“The Texas government’s attacks against transgender youth and those who love and care for them are discriminatory and unconscionable,” Becerra’s statement said. “These actions are clearly dangerous to the health of transgender youth in Texas. At HHS, we listen to medical experts and doctors, and they agree with us, that access to affirming care for transgender youth is essential and can be life-saving.”

One tool that HHS plans to make use of is the Office for Civil Rights, Becerra stated.

“Any individual or family in Texas who is being targeted by a child welfare investigation because of this discriminatory gubernatorial order is encouraged to contact our Office for Civil Rights to report their experience.”

HHS is likewise launching support to kid well-being firms encouraging them to “advance safety and support” for LGBTQ youth, the HHS secretary said, noting that this specifically includes access to “gender-affirming care.”

The division is additionally releasing advice specifying that health treatment service providers are not required to divulge “private patient information related to gender-affirming care” and advice stating that medical professionals can not reject healthcare based on gender identity. The clear implication being that medical professionals shouldn’t inform the parents of these children or seek their consent.

“If you believe that you or another party has been discriminated against on the basis of gender identity or disability in seeking to access gender-affirming health care, visit the OCR complaint portal to file a complaint online,” Becerra said.

Biden highlighted that HHS’s actions are “putting the state of Texas on notice that their prejudiced actions put children’s lives in danger.”

“These announcements make clear that rather than weaponizing child protective services against loving families, child welfare agencies should instead expand access to gender-affirming care for transgender children,” Biden said.

The president added that  “Respected medical organizations have said that access to gender-affirming care for transgender children can benefit mental health, lower suicide rates, and improve other health outcomes,” and insisted that families and doctors should “have the freedom to make the medical decisions that are best for each young person.”

“In the United States of America, we respect the rights and dignity of all families,” said Biden. “Transgender children bring fulfillment to their parents, joy to their friends, and are made in the image of God.”

“Affirming a transgender child’s identity is one of the best things a parent, teacher, or doctor can do to help keep children from harm, and parents who love and affirm their children should be applauded and supported, not threatened, investigated, or stigmatized,” he added.

During his State of the Union, Biden additionally urged lawmakers to enact the significantly modern Equality Act, slamming the “onslaught of state laws targeting transgender Americans and their families.”

“As I said last year, especially to our younger transgender Americans, I’ll always have your back as your president so you can be yourself and reach your God-given potential,” Biden added.

The only thing Biden and his government are ‘affirming’ is that they and the far-leftist radicals who propped them up, exist in a completely different reality than the rest of us. One with no basis in a moral or factual world.

H/T Daily Wire

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