Damning New Photos of Joe Biden

Biden Medical Alert… Something is HORRIBLY WRONG

There is something horribly wrong with Joe Biden.

We all know that when he is forced to work a lot, his mental health starts to go into the tank.

What I saw over the last few days, however, was very concerning.

Benjamin Button

You remember the Brad Pitt movie “Benjamin Button”?

In that movie, he ages backward.

Well, Joe is kind of doing the same thing, only his mind is going backward, not his physical appearance.

When was the last time you saw an adult react like this at a festival? He looks like a simpleton…

Or how about how Jill treats him when she is trying to shield him from the media…

And this is supposed to be the most powerful man in the world giving a speech…

It is shameful that these people keep running him out there, with Jill Biden literally leading him around by the hand like a child.

The man is not fit for office, period.

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