Biden Just Cooked His Own Goose

Joe Biden declared to his potential campaign donors that he would reverse the majority of President Trump‘s tax cuts if he were elected president.

The presumptive Democratic nominee was heard during a phone call that he would destroy Trump’s successful multitrillion-dollar tax cuts, telling the donors, “a lot of you may not like that.”

“I’m going to get rid of the bulk of Trump’s $2 trillion tax cuts, and a lot of you may not like that, but I’m going to close loopholes like capital gains and stepped-up basis,” Biden said according to Fox News.

Biden Wants Taxpayers to Pay Big

He promised to increase the corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 28 percent, which the former vice president predicts will raise $1.3 trillion over the next ten years. Back in 2017, President Trump rolled out the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which cut corporate tax rates from 35 percent to just 21 percent.

Biden’s virtual campaign fundraiser on June 29, 2020 raised at least $2 million, as reported by CNBC. He discussed a variety of policy agendas and discussed the economy. Concerning the coronavirus, the Democrat said it could be an “opportunity” to invest in clean energy and infrastructure.

Trump also increased the size of deductions, which is something Biden mentioned wanting to cap.

Biden Blasts Trump Again

During the virtual event, Biden took the time to blast Trump and called his policies “irresponsible, sugar-high tax cuts.”

“Folks, this is going to be really hard work and Donald Trump has made it much harder to foot the bill,” Biden continued.

“We have to think as big as the challenge we face. But this is America, there is nothing we cannot do if we do it together,” Biden stated. “But I think the country is ready.”

As the race for the 2020 presidential election looms closer, the Democrats seem to be carefully staging Biden to make him look as “professional” as possible. It looks like an extremely uphill task considering his constant questionable rhetoric, but the left is trying.

Under Biden Draconian Rule, Masks Will be Mandatory

On June 25, 2020, he stated that another issue he would tackle if he became president would be to demand people wear masks in public.

“I would go back to making sure that everybody had masks, that you had PPE [personal protective equipment] lined up, we’d have been making sure we stockpile all the things that we need that we don’t have now. The one thing we do know, these masks make a gigantic difference. I would insist that everybody out in public be wearing that mask. Anyone to reopen — would have to make sure that they walked in their business that had masks,” Biden said on KDKA.

Despite having the mainstream media in his pocket, Joe Biden’s radical agendas and draconian style rules are shown for what they are – ridiculous. Here is to Biden cooking his own goose one day at a time.

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