They Were All ARRESTED… Squad Members FLIP OUT

We have seen massive college campus protests all across the country over the Israel-Hamas war.

The home state of Rep. Tlaib (R-MI) has been no exception, which is not a surprise when you consider the large Muslim population in the state.

Recently, arrests were made at Wayne State University, and Tlaib took exception to them.

Lock Them Up

The one commonality in all of these protests is the large number of protesters who are not even attending the school where the protests are being held.

This is eerily similar to what we saw during the George Floyd protests when people were bussed in to create chaos in these cities.

During these protests, the goal seems to be to create tent cities and shut down access to certain points of the campus.

Wayne State decided to put a stop to it, and about a week after a massive encampment was set up on campus, they went in during the early morning hours and shut it down.

Matt Lockwood, a spokesman for Wayne State, stated, “Occupants of the encampment are gone.

“And the cleanup crew is here, removing the leftover things that people didn’t take with them.

“The encampment is over.”

He added, “The police got here a little before 5:30.

“They told the occupants that it was time to go.

“They made an announcement over a PA system so that there could be no denying that people heard it at 5:33, at 5:43. And at 5:47, they were given a last warning.

“And then whoever was left at that point, Wayne State University police moved in and kind of ushered everybody off campus.”

Wayne State University President Kimberly Andrews Espy also commented on the situation.

He stated, “Since the encampment was established on May 23, it presented legal, health and safety, and operational challenges for our community.

“University leadership repeatedly engaged with occupants of the encampment … In each conversation, we reiterated that the occupants were trespassing on university property, and we asked that the encampment be removed.

“No individual or group is permitted to claim campus property for their own use and deny others access to that property. … The encampment also created an environment of exclusion – one in which some members of our campus community felt unwelcome and unable to fully participate in campus life.”

This is trespassing, plain and simple, and if they are not attending the school, they have no right to be on campus in the first place.

Not to mention the fact they are supporting terrorists, so no, I have zero empathy for these people.

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