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The student loan forgiveness plan remains a hot topic with Joe Biden’s administration.

One of the reasons it is just a hot potato is the amount of money White House staffers owe.

With some estimates tickling $5 million, you can see why the media is interested in Joe Biden’s inspiration behind the bill.

I Don’t Know

That leads us to Joe Biden issuing a blatant lie to the media.

Biden was asked about the GOP getting ready to legally challenge his forgiveness order.

Biden responded, “They have a right to do that.

“Do you have a student loan?”

The reporter responded “no,” then fired back, “I bet a lot of your staff does.”

Then came the big lie.

Biden stated, “They may.

“No one has told me they have.”

That, of course, is complete nonsense.

This story was all over the media in May when journalists started researching staffers.

What they found was that 30 staffers have loans out of more than $10,000.

Collectively, they owe somewhere between $2 million and $4.7 million.

There is simply no way Joe Biden does not know that.

Source: Washington Examiner

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