Biden Collapses…Multiple Times [LIST]

Joe Biden is unfit to serve in any office of Government, let alone the highest office in the land. His recent extremely public mental collapses are endangering the American people both abroad in places like Afghanistan and here at home. Our global opponents laugh and rejoice as they watch a feckless dotard man the helm of what was once the mightiest nation in the history of humanity, our standing as a world leader is in rapid and precipitous decline as the futures of China and Russia look brighter by the day. The situation is grim. The American people are in danger of falling to oppression and authoritarianism at the hands of a nightmarish socialist regime with an incompetent figurehead, and our hour of weakness is the world’s hour of peril.

People Are Waking Up As The Biden White House’s Collapses

But there is hope: the American people seem to be catching on. Biden’s job approval numbers following the Afghanistan debacle are in free-fall with even USAToday and Suffolk Political Research Center reporting his sub-50% plunge to an abysmal 41% approval with 55% disapproving of his leadership across party lines. Biden’s once universal approval from Democrats has fallen to 87% and his support among crucial independents has catastrophically plunged to an anemic 32%. Republicans almost universally disapprove of Biden at 95% with a mere 4% approving of him.

Just in case you aren’t sure. Let’s layout the case for all to see, the footage is irrefutable. After reviewing this man’s performance, an objective person can ONLY come to the conclusion that he is completely unfit to for ANY position of responsibility, let alone responsibility for the most powerful nation in the world.

Biden Can’t Remember Names Of People He Works With Or Refers To Frequently

Just days ago Biden forgot the name of his FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell, a week ago he forgot the name of one of the most prominent Democrats in America: Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (calling her “Jennifer“?) on July 26th he forgot the name of a Congressman at an event and whether or not his mother was in attendance. July 28th he confused Presidents Trump and Obama.

He Lacks Basic Operational Understanding Of America’s Strategic Military Status

This one is terrifying, Biden on August 20th didn’t seem to have a knowledge of the BASIC military situation at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, the most pressing issue of the day. In the same speech, he said: “We Don’t Have The Exact Number Of Americans” in Afghanistan, something his administration STILL hasn’t provided the public, and just a day before he told the press and American people during an ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos that “we don’t have military in Syria,” despite the U.S. having 900 troops stationed there at that very moment.

During that very same interview with ABC, the 78-year-old Biden astonishingly said “no one’s being killed right now” near the Kabul airport in spite of dozens of well-reported casualties at the airport itself and extra-judicial executions at the hands of the Taliban being known to have occurred in the surrounding areas.

The Truly Bizarre Moments That Point To True Mental Collapses

Finally, (and this dates back to his days as Vice-President) we’ve moved beyond what we used to refer to as ‘Biden-isms’ where we would all roll our eyes and chuckle to ourselves about ‘Uncle Joe’ as Michelle Obama allegedly dubbed him during his most gaffe-prone moments. No, now we’ve moved on to some genuinely disturbing moments from a man whose mind is clearly betraying him to age and dementia.

On July 25th a gaggle of reporters asked Biden about Democrats calling for police to be defunded, he responded with a highly disturbing and confusing reference to “vampires sucking the blood out of kids,”.

Days later he was highlighted by Fox News for claiming falsely to having driven an 18-wheeler only to be called a “serial liar” by Fox’s Ari Fleischer on Hannity. It raises a question: is he truly lying or does his age-addled mind actually think he did?

One singular determination can be made from the preponderance of video evidence: Joe Biden is not mentally fit to hold office and must be made to step down via the 25th Amendment or impeachment. His continued administration represents a clear and present danger to the American people and the world. The real trouble now is: Kamala could be much, much worse, assuming she takes power before the United States itself collapses.

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