Arrest Warrant Issued for Democrat Team Member

The saga of Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) trolling the Democrat Socialists led by Rep. Eric Swalwell (R-CA) has evolved into epic proportions. According to a press release from Rep. Brooks, an arrest warrant has been issued for Christian Seklecki for criminal trespass in the first degree. Seklecki, allegedly a Private Investigator, was hired by Rep. Swalwell to serve Brooks with a civil lawsuit for damages related to the January 6th Capitol Riot.

Surveillance footage from Brooks’ home shows that Seklecki trespassed onto the Congressman’s private property and illegally entered Brooks’ home in pursuit of Mrs. Brooks, in order to serve her the summons.


From a Summons To A Warrant

This long-running drama has been unfolding since March when Swalwell, realizing that all other Democrat efforts to defame and falsely prosecute President Trump and America-First Republicans had failed, chose to launch a civil lawsuit with a comparatively minute burden of proof requirement targeting Trump himself as well as Donald Trump, Jr., Mayor Rudy Giuliana, and Rep. Mo Brooks among others who presented at the Save America Rally Jan. 6th alleging that they are “responsible for the injury and destruction” of the Janaury 6th Capitol Breach.

According to Deep State Rabbit Hole, the biggest problem was that Swalwell and his staff couldn’t seem to find Congressman Brooks! The Capitol Complex was off-limits to Swalwell’s attorneys and Private Investigators and Brooks was successful in dodging them… for almost two months!

The situation got so bad that the California Democrat had to file for a 60-Day extension from Judge Amit Mehta and even requested that US MARSHALLS be dispatched to serve the lawsuit! The judge however torpedoed that notion  “due to separation of powers concerns,” Mehta wrote.


Hopes were high among conservatives that Brooks would win his version of ‘catch me if you can’ writ large and run out the clock. but alas, Seklecki took desperate measures, following Brooks to his Alabama home, piggybacking Mrs. Brooks onto the private property and into their home, terrifying her. Seklecki sped up the driveway and sprinted into the garage door of the home.

“When I opened the door and saw him there, I had just entered an empty garage and all of a sudden there was a man standing there with a cell phone videotaping me about 2 feet from my face,”

Mrs. Brooks told MyNBC15 a local Alabama affiliate that she was “startled and terrified at first then became angry once he told her he was there to serve her husband, Mo Brooks.”

“I just started screaming at him at the top of my lungs to get out of my house, and he said I have to serve you these papers and I said I will not speak to you until you get out of my house. Finally, I am telling him I was going to call the police, and he put the papers down on the ground, and he said Mo Brooks you are served, and he walked out,” she said.

He’d Better Not Go Back to Bama’

Congressman Brooks wasn’t messing around with his threat to prosecute the overzealous Swalwell goon either, and if Christian Seklecki returns to Alabama he could be looking at a year in prison and a $6,000 fine for illegally entering the Congressman’s home. WSFA Channel 12 reported “A Huntsville Police Department spokesperson said the case was turned over to the Madison County District Attorney’s Office”

Congressman Brooks said in a statement: “I have worked with Huntsville City Police and the Madison County District Attorney’s office and sworn out a warrant for his arrest on the charge of 1st Degree Criminal Trespass. Mo and I take our security very seriously, as do all families. My hope is that my actions today will cause the process server to think twice before illegally invading the sanctity of someone else’s home, and put those who would threaten our security on notice that we will pursue illegal actions to the fullest extent of the law.”

According to CBS42 Seklecki is from Atlanta, GA, and given the charge is a Class A misdemeanor he isn’t expected to be extradited to Alabama. However, if Seklecki should roam where the Crimson Tide rolls: the Madison County District Attorney’s Office confirmed he would be subject to arrest and prosecution. Roll tide.

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