Would-be Burglar Gets Wrecked by Army Veteran

You cannot always judge a book by its cover.

A young burglar found that out the hard way when he tried to rob the home of Frank Corti, who was 71 at the time of the robbery.

When the young, knife-wielding burglar tried to rob Corti, he was taught a true life lesson.

Not What You Think

As it turns out, Corti is a former boxer as well as a vet of a branch of the British Army.

When Gregory McCalium broke into Corti’s home, he was greeted with a couple of right hooks.

McCalium’s face looked like it went through a meat grinder after both shots landed flush.

The failed robber was then restrained by Corti until the police showed up to arrest him.

I cannot help but think the judge was probably biting his lip to keep himself from laughing when he sentenced this moron to 4.5 years.

The court stated, “The jury might well have concluded you got what you deserved when you entered that property and took a swipe at him with that weapon.

“The elderly and vulnerable people are entitled to demand the protection of courts from people like you who decide to take matters into your own hands and enter a property with a weapon.”

It turns out, these two had a bit of a feud going over McCalium having a loud party (yes, the two were neighbors).

Corti described the incident, stating, “As I saw it, it was a matter of do or die so I let his wrists go.

“Fortunately the element of surprise was with me, so I adjusted my position and hit him with my right hand. It was just below the eye.

“I did not knock him out, but he was stunned. I heard the knife drop. We grappled.

“I was trying to drag him out of the back door. We both fell to the floor.

“I had to subdue him by punching him, which I did not take a great deal of pleasure in.”

I don’t care what country you live in, you don’t mess with vets!

Source: Daily Mail

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