The Connection: Fox News’ Election Desk, Obama, and Hillary Clinton (Details)

Well, would you look at that? The election desk director for Fox News who very prematurely called Arizona for Joe Biden has close ties to both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Fox News Turns Dark

Fox News has been getting heat from Republicans for being in bed with Democrats and even some of its own anchors seemed confused by its call for Arizona.

A registered Democrat who donated to Obama’s campaign, Arnon Mishkin is the leader and face of the Fox numbers team.

At around 11:30 p.m. EST, the bias Fox reporter called Arizona blue in favor of Biden. At this point, it is clear that Mishkin and Fox News called Arizona extremely early in order to try and rig a close presidential election.

They knew that it would be very important going forward for Biden and Harris to be the perceived winners.

Not Shocking – Fake News All The Way

The ever increasing bias network refused to call pro-Trump states such as Texas when it was abundantly clear which direction it was going. However, when it came to Arizona which was entirely too close to call, they were sure to give a fake win to the Biden team.

To make matters worse, Fox refused to retract their bad faith call on the state. The network also declared Joe Biden president-elect even though he has not won in any way shape or form.

Not shocking to many conservatives agree that Fox News has surpassed CNN as the worst news network in modern American history.

Worse than CNN?

Breitbart News puts it this way:

The reason Fox News is worse than CNN is because CNN only claims to be objective and unbiased — which is a lie of course, but nowhere near as wicked as the Fox News lie — which is to lure us into believing Fox News is on our side.

Fox News is not on our side.

CNN at least hates us to our face.

Fox News slips roofies in our drinks.

Fox News laughs at its viewers, abuses its viewers, despises its viewers, and remains number one because, for some reason, millions of people cannot live without the sewer that is cable news — all cable news.

Fox News is garbage. Just like CNN and MSNBC, Fox News is trash. I have been saying this for years. In March it will be five years since I disconnected that trash from my house. You’d be wise to do the same.

You’re not missing anything!

Fox News doesn’t teach you anything, it certainly doesn’t edify.

Only boobs watch Fox News.

Look at their fake polling.

Stop watching Fox News.

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