Terrifying Crash that Killed Two Has Conflicting Reports

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla is reportedly working with police according to a statement on Nov.12 to determine the cause of a terrifying accident that caused a Tesla Model Y to careen wildly out of control at high speed killing two people and injuring three.

The accident took place Nov. 5 when the driver lost control of the vehicle, reports near the incident said. Shocking footage from the southern Chinese province of Guangdong showed the vehicle accelerating out of control down a market street and striking a motorcyclist and a high school student, according to Reuters. Both were tragically killed.

“Police are currently seeking a third party appraisal agency to identify the truth behind this accident and we will actively provide any necessary assistance,” the firm headed by entrepreneur Elon Musk told Reuters in a message Sunday, they cautioned the public against believing “rumors”.

OANN citing Jimu News quoted the local traffic police who said the cause of the incident in Chaozhou city had not been identified explaining that an unnamed family member of the driver said the 55-year-old had “issues with the brake pedal” when he was attempting to pull over in front of his family store.

Tesla told Reuters that the car’s brake lights are not shown as on in the video as the vehicle speeds away and that telemetry data from the Tesla’s onboard computer showed that no action was taken by the driver to engage the brakes as the vehicle sped down the road.

In January 2021, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration determined hat several reports from four different Tesla models including, the 2013 Model S, Model X and Model 3 were due to user error and not a failure of the vehicle’s mechanics or control system according to TechCrunch.

The report issued by the NHTSA’s Office of Defects said in part, “There is no evidence of any fault in the accelerator pedal assemblies, motor control systems, or brake systems that has contributed to any of the cited incidents,” the report stated. “There is no evidence of a design factor contributing to increased likelihood of pedal misapplication. The theory provided of a potential electronic cause of SUA in the subject vehicles is based upon inaccurate assumptions about system design and log data.”

The NHTSA continued, “We investigate every single incident where the driver alleges to us that their vehicle accelerated contrary to their input, and in every case where we had the vehicle’s data, we confirmed that the car operated as designed. In other words, the car accelerates if, and only if, the driver told it to do so, and it slows or stops when the driver applies the brake.”

Reuters reported that a previous incident in China that was widely blamed on the Tesla vehicle was found to be a driver error, the wrote that the “car owner had been ordered by a court to publicly apologize and compensate the firm after it ruled that comments he had made to the media about issues with his brakes were inconsistent with the facts and had harmed Tesla’s reputation.”

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