Joe Biden Launches Incoherent Rant... Can You Understand WTF He Said

An Out of Control Move…Using Our Tax Dollars

The Biden administration is spending our money well.

The administration is worried about the experience people have by checking the “white” box on their job application.

So, the administration is working on expanding different categories for how employees report.

The Changes

Prior to the change, white also included workers that had “origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.”

The new policy says, “Presenters advocated for the Middle Eastern or North African (MENA) population to be recognized and respected by becoming a new and distinct minimum reporting category because, for example, many in the MENA community do not share the same lived experience as White people with European ancestry, do not identify as White, and are not perceived as White by others.”

The new data standard is meant to “ensure the comparability of race and ethnicity across Federal datasets and to maximize the quality of that data by ensuring that the format, language, and procedures for collecting the data are consistent and based on rigorous evidence.”

The OMB is making a few other big changes as well.

For instance, it is considering the removal of words such as “minority” and “majority.”

We can also expect “East Asian” to replace “Far East.”

It makes feel so warm and fuzzy inside to know this is how our tax dollars are being used.

Source: Fox News

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