Americans Must Get This Final Message to Wake Up

For God’s sake, get the message America! Wake the bleep up before its too late! There is a lot of talk about civil war going around but nobody really wants that. What we do want is our Constitution back from the evil forces of darkness. We also want enforcement of all the laws that come with it. If you consider yourself a patriotic American, or at least believe that America as an individual sovereign nation is a good thing, one that’s useful to have around, YOU need to stand up and be counted. Our Constitution has already been suspended by the COVID-19 “emergency.” A lot of people, some in decision making jobs, believe the pandemic is over. Still, the state of “emergency” continues to erase constitutional protections. That’s not right. It’s not the only problem either. Our American Republic is in a crisis like it’s never seen before. Those with the power to stop it are shirking responsibility. That means YOU. We The People are the ones who are supposed to be in charge. Americans have been intentionally programmed to believe that there is nothing they can do, so simply surrender quietly to Agenda 2030. You’ll learn to enjoy eating insects once you get used to it.

A message for America

Those who have been following the progress of Ron “Grey Wolf” Coleman and his merry band of adventurers walking on foot through every tiny town along his route to Washington, D.C., know that he has been challenged by difficulty every step of the way. On top of that, the media blackout prevents folks from hearing his message. More people need to know they can come out and participate. Everyone with peaceful intentions is welcome. Things have been changing for the better since Grey Wolf crested the Rockies and passed the great Continental Divide. Meanwhile, our nation itself remains dangerously divided. It doesn’t have to be that way. They work for US!

All it takes to restore sanity and reason is following the words of wisdom our Founding Fathers spelled out for us very carefully in the Constitution. Not only did American Patriot Steve Spurgeon donate his song “Wake up in the USA” for Grey Wolf to use, he is a resident of Bellevue, Nebraska. He’s dropping by to spend time with Grey Wolf supporters in nearby Beatrice, Nebraska on Saturday, October 8. Check it out on YouTube His lyrics are an inspiration to us all. “There’s a cry of freedom sweeping around the world today. Here we have it all. Life and Liberty. Still, we give the dream away. No more can we afford to stand around set inside our ways. Wake up in the USA.


Detractors, who hate the concept of “nationalism,” because they prefer one big happy global government run from Brussels, are quick to attempt poking holes in the project. The last thing that Antifa types want is law enforcement. They think they’re being cute by asking questions about the core “message” which can be shot full of holes, no matter which way they are answered. What are your “demands” is one example. That sets up a negative aspect of confrontation no matter how you respond. Some of their points are valid ones and deserve a response.

What’s the plan? What is it you are trying to accomplish? Those are great questions and we’re thrilled that somebody, anybody is asking them. Some people will never be happy with any answer you can come up with. Grey Wolf is used to hearing things like, “raising awareness sounds great but what next? What one thing can you mark a little check mark next to and say you accomplished something and how do you know it worked?” There’s a good answer for that. Here it is.


Ron Coleman does not have a single “demand” to make on anyone and neither do his legitimate supporters. We see this as nothing more than the next logical progression after The People’s Convoy efforts. The convoy, and similar ones like it in Canada and elsewhere were a “continuation” of an earlier movement with similar peaceful patriotic goals. What Grey Wolf is walking for today began a decade ago. This is only the latest incarnation of the exact same efforts. American “patriots” will keep doing things like this until we accomplish real reform in government or are defeated by the evil forces of global darkness.

The message today is very similar to the signals We The People were sending in 2016, before Donald Trump came on the political scene. Ron’s objective is part of that larger one and overlaps on many levels. To understand why the Grey Wolf Walk is so important today, its helpful to understand the roots of the dispute. They go back to the reign of Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Obama. We’re not demanding to see his birth certificate anymore because everybody knows he doesn’t have one. What we are doing is attempting to ensure that can’t happen again. This peaceful battle is a tremendously fierce one.

The big check box item

When Ron Coleman arrives in Washington, D.C. and delivers all the messages he has been carrying to congress, he can check off his big check box. Mission accomplished. Each and every one of the messages he is hand delivering are a variation on the same theme as the message Grey Wolf has been preaching all along. A reminder to our elected officials, administrators, and justices that they work for us. The more people who show up to walk with Ron that fateful day, the louder that message will be shouted.

We the People need every single voice who believes the same way to stand up and say so. Before the shooting starts. Every day it gets more and more likely that a “fully armed” Antifa will square off with the Boogaloo Bois in the middle of a family park, harming innocent bystanders. If you don’t want to see that happening, stand up for Grey Wolf now.

One of the messages that Grey Wolf will be carrying to congress was written at the end of 2015 and “signed” the first of January, 2016. It was meant to be a symbolic official notice that our elected officials weren’t performing their contractual duties. To put the mood of the nation at the time in perspective, the very next day, in a totally unrelated action, Ammon and Ryan Bundy seized control of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. That was also meant to send a message.


The Bundy occupation was both peaceful and legal, as proven by their eventual acquittals. They were using the Second Amendment to support the First. That led to nothing but trouble and arrest and its why The People’s Convoy core leadership team avoided second amendment issues and supporters completely. Likewise, Grey Wolf insists, leave the guns at home. He would much rather you come out and walk a while with him peacefully now than shoot it out in the streets later.

In 2016 We the People put our officials on notice they were breaching the contract contained in their oaths of office. We the People demanded “oral argument.” We got that with Malheur. We the People asked for “Expedited Ruling.” It was all over the day the feds swooped in and illegally arrested the leaders. On January 26, Robert “LaVoy” Finicum was “murdered” by the FBI. We the People will never forget that. Our FBI is under heavy criticism once again. They don’t evenly enforce the laws. Hunter Biden and Donald Trump get entirely different handling. We the People were sending the same message, way back then.


We the People didn’t expect total and immediate surrender to their terms but did “demand” then that their elected officials and the administrative branch show good faith efforts to correct the problem. We the People suggested “fair and just enforcement of all laws currently on the books.” Is that so terrible? We wanted to “secure the nation’s borders.” Instead we have 2.2 million invaders so far this year. We the People wanted to “restore rule of law.” Today, Grey Wolf and his supporters are continuing to ask for the same relief. A huge act of goodwill this time around would be, as Grey Wolf suggests, “lift the state of COVID-19 emergency.” At least we could use the Constitution in court again that way.

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