After Suffering a Horrific Accident, This Burned Man Receives a Miracle Gift

After a horrific accident, Joe DiMeo was left in horrible pain due to burns all over his body, but after an incredible surgery this young man now has hope for the future and a life he thought was gone.

One night Joe DiMeo’s life changed forever. He fell asleep at the wheel and wrecked his car, a strange dragging out his badly burned body from the fiery wreckage.

DiMeo was given a grim prognosis due to the fact the horrific crash left him with third-degree burns on 80% of his body.

More than two months later, at the age of 2o DiMeo woke from a drug-induced coma, and his first thought was of his beloved car. The Dodge Challenger SRT, which he had paid for himself and customized with a new exhaust system and wheels was now long gone.

Now two years later DiMeo who is now 22 years old is the recipient of the world’s first successful double hand and face transplant.

DiMeo had 20 surgeries and yet his hands were still barely usable. After the accident, his fingers were reduced to mere nubs. His face was also a constant reminder of that awful day.

After extensive testing and preparation, DiMeo had hope of getting a new face and hands from a donor.

In August 2020, DiMeo went to Manhattan. There he underwent surgery at the NYU Langone Health Center. He was scheduled to receive a double hand and face transplant, becoming the first person in the world to do so.

It took over 140 health care professionals for the historic surgery.

They successfully transplanted two hands, three dominant nerves to the hand, six blood vessels, 21 tendons, and a full face, including forehead, eyebrows, both ears, nose, eyelids, lips, and underlying skull, cheek, nasal, and chin bone segments. It took 23 hours of surgery with multiple teams of specialists.

On Good Morning America Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez, who led the medical team, said:

“We knew that it would be a needle in a haystack. We had to actually broaden our search beyond the state of New York, to the entire country, so every state in the country was actually looking for a donor for Joe.”

Surgery such as face and hand transplants have been performed independently before., However, a double procedure had been attempted twice before and was unsuccessful both times.

Surgeons used computer-generated three-dimensional guides in DiMeo’s case. They ensured that bones were properly aligned and implants were in a position to anchor the grafted face and hands.

However, a big part of DiMeo’s success is owed to his can-do attitude, according to Dr. Rodriguez, who is the director of NYU Langone’s Face Transplant Program.

“He is the most highly motivated patient I have ever met,” Rodriguez marveled.

DiMeo told reporters he’s “grateful” and doing well.

“I have been able to get back to many activities I love, such as playing with my dog and playing pool,” he said. “I can’t wait to get back to work.”

DiMeo also expressed his gratitude toward his donor’s family. He expressed his desire to thank them in person one day.

“I’m grateful for them to give this gift to me – I don’t know how to thank someone that gives you a second chance at life,” he said.

Since the transplant, Rodriguez has performed several less extensive follow-up surgeries to improve DiMeo’s functional and aesthetic outcomes. DiMeo has been thrilled with the outcome.

“I am so happy with the results of my transplant,” he said.

Watch the video report below:

Source: AWM


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