8 ARRESTED… 2 Still on the Run

Something horrible is happening in our schools, as was evident by the horrific attack against 17-year-old Jonathan Lewis.

Lewis was sticking up for a smaller friend who had several items taken from him and had then been stuffed into a trash can.

He was then assaulted, knocked out, and brutally attacked by a gang of students.

Charge Them as Adults

The video is very difficult to watch, as you see Lewis hit the ground then about 10 other people join in, punching and kicking his lifeless body.

The incident happened at Rancho High School in Las Vegas in the Clark County School District.

The CCSD responded, “All of CCSD grieves the loss of every student.

“CCSD does not tolerate violence or threats to students or their safety.

“We all must come together as a community to address the needs of our students so disagreements are resolved through dialogue rather than violence.”

So far, eight students have been arrested, and police are looking for two more.

Lewis’ father now plans on dedicating his life to changing this culture, stating, “I’m still in shock.

“I’m going to probably spend the rest of my life just trying to do something about it [teen violence] now because … I just lost my boy.”

Good luck, sir, but you are walking up a hill far too many people seem to care little about.

Source: USA Today

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