4-YEAR-OLD Pulls Gun on Cops [VIDEO]

Four year old boy pulls gun and shoots at cops because he “wanted his daddy back.”

Body-cam footage of the incident, that happened in a Utah McDonald’s parking lot, has been released by law enforcement. The video shows clearly what happened as they arrested Sadaat Johnson, the 27 year old man and father of the boy, for allegedly brandishing a gun at the fast food establishment’s drive-thru workers. He claimed they made a mistake on his order.


Employees at the Middle, Utah, McDonald’s called police after Johnson, irate due to the mix up on his order, threatened workers with a gun. They asked Johnson — who had two children in the car with him — to pull up to the front of the restaurant.

Police ordered Johnson to roll down his window or unlock the door but he did not comply. He eventually did unlock the driver’s side door, and was told to exit the vehicle.  Johnson resisted forcing police to pull him from the car.

The body-cam footage, shows that just seconds after Johnson is pulled from the vehicle an officer can be heard yelling, “gun!”  before shots were fired. Guns drawn officers then approach the car demanding those within to drop the weapon. This is when the officers realize the person holding the gun is a small child and there was more than one of them in the car.

Footage shows the cops yelling “Kids! Kids! Kids!”

Afterwards, the child reportedly admitted to police that he had picked up the gun and fired. His reason: he saw them taking his father away and he “wanted his daddy back.”

Johnson’s claim is that he had “blacked out” after arguing with the McDonald’s clerk. Adding that he has no memory of pulling out his gun — despite the fact that court records clearly state that the gun was visible in surveillance video. He also claims that his four-year-old child has gotten ahold of a gun previously.

According to local ABC affiliate ABC4, Johnson has been charged with “child abuse, aggravated assault, and interference with an arresting officer.”


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