Large Group of Violent BLM Members ARRESTED

LIVE FROM NEW YORK ITS SATURDAY NIGHT! And a large group of violent BLM Protestors were arrested after forcing an officer to draw his sidearm. Hundreds of protestors were converging near Barclays Center in Brooklyn and refused multiple lawful commands from police to disperse. An NYPD Officer was captured on video drawing his pistol on an advancing crowd, apparently angered that he was not wearing a mask.

The Left Are Singling Out Officers… as usual

These arrests have led to the Officer being targeted by the Twitter Cancel-Mob for daring to hold his ground. 12News reported that “One witness says they were “flashed with a gun” by an NYPD officer when someone yelled “How come you don’t have a mask?”

There is now a petition circulating calling for the officer’s termination, despite the clearly lawful draw of his weapon.


”The current policy is, you draw your gun when you believe it is necessary to defend yourself and others,”

said one senior police official to the New York Times in 2000. A 2014 article NYT confirms this has not changed and that “For New York City Officers, Drawing Guns Is Based on Discretion, Not Rules”

Brietbart reports,


“The officer reportedly drew his weapon after being confronted by the demonstrators for not wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic. The video shows the officer appearing to hold his pistol close to his body and pointed safely to the ground. He re-holsters after assessing the situation and draws what appears to be pepper spray from his duty belt. He later deploys an ASP (expandable baton) as the crowd becomes more aggressive.”

BLM Were Warned, Then Arrested

The New York Post stated that NYPD pretty much immediately started to warn the crowd via LRAD loudspeaker that they would be arrested if they continued blocking the roadway. Reports vary from two to nine protestors being placed under arrest with an unknown number detained. According to News12Brooklyn the NYPD have said in a statement “We are aware of the incident and it remains under internal investigation”. The charges against the arrested protesters are also unknown at this time.


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